Iulia Tucma

Iulia Tucma

Home country:
Industry Background:
Sales, IT, Media

What is your professional background?

Before coming to Japan, I worked in sales in IT and media industries. As a Junior Account Manager, I managed multiple international accounts in markets such as Europe, Turkey, Israel, and Japan. I came to Japan in 2015 as an intern in sales. I also worked as a volunteer for two organizations: Romanian-Japanese Studies Center, where I organized social, cultural, and educational events and Erasmus Student Network, where I acted as a support for exchange students in Bucharest.

Were you interested in Japan before joining GLOBIS, and if so, what was it?

Yes. I have been really passionate about Japan and the Japanese language since I was in high-school. I discovered traditional Japan initially in documentaries and then in cultural events, and I was impressed by how different it was from everything I knew. The more I discovered, the more fascinated I was by Japanese culture and history. The same goes with Japanese, which I started as a hobby but became a main interest.

What made you decide to do an MBA? Why the GLOBIS MBA?

Like many of us, I wanted more and/or wasn’t satisfied by my job. Another reason was that I wanted to discover my passion and learn more about the world, different industries, and different opportunities.

I actually found out about GLOBIS two years ago from Cristian Vlad, a Romanian professor. He also introduced me to Professor Megumi Taoka, who came to Bucharest to visit the company I was working at.

What was very appealing about GLOBIS was the practicality (everything is taught using study cases) and the focus on creating our own personal mission, our kokorozashi, while discovering what we really enjoy doing and what our values are. Another wonderful thing about GLOBIS is that in my class we are 29 people from 15 different countries. I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations.

What advice would you give to potential prospects who are interested in taking the GLOBIS MBA/Pre-MBA?

The amount of work can be overwhelming at the beginning, so find out when you are most productive during the day and prioritize! Time management is important. Don't judge and have an open mind! Lastly, don't forget to get enough sleep and have fun!

What are your  plans after the MBA; do you intend to stay in the same industry or do a career pivot?

I intend to switch careers, as I am currently more and more interested in a marketing position, especially in branding. I plan to stay in Japan after I graduate and figure out exactly what I want to do. I am very interested in social enterprises, especially those that use technology to achieve the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals).

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