King del Rosario

King del Rosario

Home country:
The Philippines
Industry Background:
Marketing & Business Development

Why did you choose GLOBIS?

King talking

I chose GLOBIS because of the English program which addressed one of the major hindrances I had in the past about my dream to study in Japan. With GLOBIS, I am able to focus on learning the best management and business principles from Japan without the hurdle of learning it through a new foreign tongue.

Moreover, the university's entrepreneurial drive really interests me because it is in line with my plans after getting an MBA degree, which is to start my own business.

Finally, in contrast to the other universities I found, it was only GLOBIS that focused more on vision and redefining society which heightened my curiosity and my desire to study in Japan even more.

Why did you come to Japan, rather than doing an MBA in your home country?

One of the common notions most potential employers, especially MNCs, have about my case is that I don't seem to have enough international experience at the level of responsibility and output I was already involved in my past work experiences. I chose to study abroad because it would give me a real-life perspective about working with a diverse group of talented individuals from all over the world. Moreover, given one of my plans is to start up my own global tech venture, I believe Japan, which I consider the heart of innovation, is the best place to earn my MBA.

How are you finding life in Japan?

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To be honest, as what I once stated online through my social network accounts, "Tokyo is 'mahal.'" Mahal in Tagalog (Filipino) is both a noun and an adjective, which means "love" and "expensive," respectively. But then again I believe surviving both the time and resource management while taking my MBA is part of the learning and experience that I came here for. I believe if I can survive my current challenges in Tokyo - at the other end of the spectrum if you compare it to my lifestyle in the Philippines - I have enough experience to survive in almost any situation. Needless to say, I am enjoying every moment of it.

What are your impressions of the Full-time MBA Program so far?

I find the expertise and insights of the GLOBIS faculty in real-world application to be very interesting and useful, which is actually one of the things I really pondered about in choosing which MBA would be right for me.

What is your typical daily schedule like?

I have classes on weekdays except on Wednesdays so I basically leave for school by 8 AM, then I usually make most of my school work at home afterwards. I try my best to prepare my school work at least two days in advance, although sometimes rethinking about the case studies necessitates that I change my answers again and again. On weekends I run at Wako Park, which is near my house since I live at the northwest part of Tokyo. I find my schedule and the place I live in here to be very comfortable since I really prefer a rural environment where I can enjoy nature's scenery whenever I feel like it. To be honest, I haven't seen much of the known tourist attractions in Tokyo given I have only been here for three months but I do intend to address all of that as soon as I get more comfortable with school work and my personal schedule. At the end of it all, your schedule is what you make it.

What was the single biggest hurdle for you in joining GLOBIS?

There are a lot, really. Financially, I was hesitant to give up my job and move to the city which always ranked top in "the world's most expensive places to live in." After all, my decision will not only affect me but also my family, or even the current post that I was handling. But I realized I have to cross the bridge (or make that non-existent bridge myself) if I had to make things better not only for me and my family, but also my community as well.

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What advice would you give someone who is considering coming from overseas to study at GLOBIS?

If you want to move mountains, don't be afraid of earthquakes.