Nica Magnaye

Nica Magnaye

Home country:
Industry Background:
Media, Entertainment, Logistics

What is your professional background?

I worked in the media and entertainment for five years before coming to Japan. I was managing editor of a lifestyle magazine and national publication. At the same time, I was the logistics head of one of the top concert production companies in the Philippines. For the magazine, I conceptualized the monthly content, theme, design, and promotion, along with my editorial team. For the concert production, I was mainly in charge of international Artist Hospitality.

What made you decide to do an MBA? Why the GLOBIS MBA?

I have always wanted to take a Master’s Degree and part of my “constantly curious” personality wanted to study new fields such as business. I chose GLOBIS because, when I joined a trial class in Manila last year, I experienced how enriching collaborative learning was and I really loved the entire experience. Additionally, GLOBIS offered scholarships that eased my concern about tuition.

Prior to coming to Japan, did you know there was a Filipino community in Japan. If so, how did that influence your decision to come to Japan?

I knew there are a lot of Filipinos in Japan. When I first arrived, I actually stayed at my friend's house in Chiba for a week. I feel a piece of home when I am with my fellow countrymen and this also eases up the worries of my parents (as I am the first in the family to live abroad).

What do you like best about studying at GLOBIS?

GLOBIS has a particular way of creating an environment that is engaging and conducive to learning. The collaborative style of teaching is very different from what I have experienced in my education before. Additionally, I am studying with 29 other professionals from 15 different countries and with various professional backgrounds. So, we’re a very diverse class in terms of culture and experiences.

What are some of your key takeaways from the MBA program?

My key takeaway so far has been about realizing what value you can bring to society, and how this value can enrich others. Contrary to popular belief, business is never solely about money. Realizing your kokorozashi (personal mission) becomes a strong foundation of your morality and greater pursuit in life.

What are your plans after the MBA? Do you intend to stay in the same industry or do a career pivot?

I realized that I am fulfilled by challenges and tasks that make me maximize my resourcefulness and creativity. So, after my MBA, I know that I will not limit myself to the same type of industry, but rather see how these skills transfer to other industries.

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