Nwe Ni Swe

Nwe Ni Swe

Home country:
Industry Background:
Electrical Engineering

What is your professional background?

I did my professional electrical engineering studies at Singapore Polytechnic and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. After graduating, I joined a Japanese corporation specializing in electrical systems for Marine and Industrial Systems in Singapore. After six years of work, I have become an experienced electrical designer, specializing in power systems and providing technical assistance for Marine and Industrial Low-Voltage and Medium-Voltage Switchboard designs.

What made you decide to do an MBA? Why the GLOBIS MBA?

Political changes in Myanmar have opened up worldwide interaction with international companies for business relations. Consequently, one of my personal goals in my mid-20s is to establish my own business, creating many job opportunities for my people. I want to contribute my best by sharing overseas experiences and networks, as well as know-how skills in respective professional fields.

I believed I could have the chance to connect to a wide variety of networking through GLOBIS Corporate Partnerships and alumni groups.

I was also very impressed by GLOBIS lecturers, who are still connected to practical management experience in top professional areas. I thought these lecturers could really help me connect academic learning with the practical world.

However, the main differentiating factor of GLOBIS is  the opportunity to find out my own personal mission, which is really important because it will awake me meaningfully every morning and drive me forward in hard times.

How are you finding life in Japan?

I keep falling in love with FOOD & SERVICE in Japan. Even though I cannot speak Japanese, Japanese people are kind and helpful. But, of course, knowing basic language would definitely be helpful in customizing your food order!

Describe a typical day as a GLOBIS student.

Since it is a one-year intensive course, the schedules are usually tight, and every day is challenging in managing many tasks depending on priority level.

A typical day consists of reading cases or a recommended book by lecturers, preparing pre-assignments before class, and discussing a lot in groups inside and outside of the classroom.

Have you experienced any difficulties during the MBA program and how have you overcome them?

Coming from a purely engineering background, joining the MBA program put me into an exciting and challenging environment every single day. In addition, originally, since I am a shy person, it really took me a few months to get out of my comfort zone. What I feel worth the best every day is exchanging dynamic experiences from classmates who come from 15 different countries.

What are your plans after the MBA; do you intend to stay in the same industry or do a career pivot?

After MBA, I want to continue to pursue new tech engineering applied businesses. After enlightening insights from Corporate Philosophy and Social Values courses, I feel more devoted to spend my life bringing social values to our society.

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