Pakorn Tavanapong

Pakorn Tavanapong

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Industry Background:
Landscape Architect (Design and Construction)

Why did you decide to do an MBA at GLOBIS?

I had studied and worked in Japan for two years, and during my work I heard about GLOBIS from a university friend who was studying there. I was really interested and decided to join the Pre-MBA Program. In the Critical Thinking course I was really impressed by the class discussion method and the diversity. So I decided to give it a try and apply, and now here I am studying in Full-time MBA.

How is your typical day at GLOBIS?

Pakorn sittingFor the full-time program, we have a lot of subjects to finish within a one-year period. So, my schedule is quite packed with studying, preparing for class, writing reports and so on. I found out that I spend most of the time at school with my friends in study sessions, reading case studies and after that hanging out in restaurants nearby. It was pretty intense for the first few months, but after you get used to the study style then you will make more time to enjoy life in Tokyo. Especially right now, spring is coming soon so I am looking forward to enjoying life in Japan with my classmates!

How has GLOBIS changed the way you think?

Because of the diversity in my class (my 31 classmates come from 17 countries around the globe!) I had a lot of time to experience various opinions, ideas and insights about many issues regarding business and leadership though class discussions. I learned to listen to their ideas in an open-minded way, give my opinion on their ideas, and sometimes provide insights from my experience in my previous job. Also, GLOBIS encourages us to think of our personal mission in life, in order to have clear goal after the graduation. I found the idea of having a personal mission useful because the mission will be my driving force in my future actions and will keep me on track in the years to come.

How are you finding life in Japan?

I have been in Japan for almost three years now, so I am pretty used to the life in Japan. Especially as I come from an Asian country, adjusting to the lifestyle is not really difficult. I also found out that Japan really lives up to the reputation of a very safe country to live in. And the cleanliness of the city and kindness of people are second to none.
There tons of activities and places to enjoy even just in Tokyo, so if you are looking for new experiences, Japan will never bore you.

Although I must say I still need to learn more about the culture, especially with regards to business, in order to fit in more in professional life.

What are your career plans? How is GLOBIS helping with them?

Pakorn standingI plan to find a job and work in Japan for at least three to five years. The GLOBIS career support team will help guide you through the job hunting process, which is famous for its complicated and highly competitive screening process. The staff will help you connect with companies, find your strengths and weaknesses, create a CV that is attractive and provide a mock interview. You will have full support from the start of the academic year to make sure that you will land your desired job.

What advice would you give to people considering studying at GLOBIS?

If you think a class based on discussion and a practical focus suits your needs, then GLOBIS is a perfect match for you. My advice is that you should have some knowledge in Japanese language before coming here. Although it is not required in any course, it will help make your Japanese life more enjoyable. And for those who do not have any background in Accounting and Finance, please at least study them -- it will help you greatly!