Sabine Schoellhorn

Sabine Schoellhorn

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Why did you decide to do an MBA at GLOBIS?

I got attracted by President Hori's mission to“develop tomorrow’s visionary leaders who create and innovate societies” and wanted to quench my inner thirst for self-development in terms of my business and conceptual skills. I was furthermore attracted by the unique concept of “Kokorozashi”(to find one’s own personal mission) which would guide me as a compass throughout my life during and after my studies. GLOBIS is also emphasizing entrepreneurial spirit which is offered in many courses throughout the program. The diverse mix of students and faculty was also quite attractive as it would allow me to expand my international network.

What is a typical day for you at GLOBIS?

Sabine bookA typical day at GLOBIS is always exciting, interesting and fun. I am happy to come to class and dive into new and challenging topics. The challenge is that we need to read a lot of cases, but we are having study sessions with classmates where we can bounce ideas off each other and try to learn from different view points on the cases we read. Besides studying hard, we are also enjoying going out for food and spending time exploring Japan together.

How has GLOBIS changed the way you think?

GLOBIS completely changed the way I think, not only in terms of business but also in terms of diversity. I was never exposed to such a diverse crowd before; my class consists of 31 students representing 17 nationalities. This opportunity taught me the importance to see through the eyes of different cultures and view points even more and how important healthy debate is to achieve a common ground and understanding of each other. Experiencing globalization on a daily basis allows me to learn even more!

How is life in Japan?

Even though I have been living in Japan for over eight years, I am still amazed by its service culture and the friendliness of the Japanese people I encounter. It is a very safe country and I enjoy exploring Tokyo and being part of the exciting city life you find here. I also love being in nature and sometimes go out to the sea to relax or ease my mind in my favorite cities Kyoto and Kamakura. With Japan’s four seasons, food specialties and world heritages in different areas of the country, I guarantee you will enjoy every single minute you spend in this lovely country.

What are your career plans? How is GLOBIS helping with them?

Sabine readingAfter graduating from GLOBIS I would like to change my career and work in the marketing field. The people at GLOBIS’ career services have been helpful in obtaining my internship, which is an option during the full-time MBA program, but they've also been really supportive by introducing us to job opportunities in Japan and encouraging us to go out of our comfort zones. I am most grateful for the mock-interview session which helped me prepare for my first successful interview in Japanese. GLOBIS also has strong links with Japanese and international companies who are part of their corporate network, and we can get to know some of these firms by joining corporate training sessions offered by GLOBIS.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering studying at GLOBIS?

Take on the challenge of a one-year or two-year MBA and your life will be enriched. Studying at GLOBIS means that you will not only acquire new business skills, but you will also broaden your views and knowledge by interacting with classmates coming from diverse cultures. These classmates will enable you to create a lifelong network during your studies.