Syatirah Safran

Syatirah Safran

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Why did you choose GLOBIS?

Syatirah talkingAt first, I was attracted to the fact that the course is conducted in Japan, IN ENGLISH. But after finding out more about the fact that GLOBIS not only focuses on case studies of western countries, but in fact, also includes an Asian perspective, I felt that it was more relevant to the direction that I wanted to head to in my career. With people from many industries present in the classes here, it was helpful for me, being solely focused on the Media industry for most of my career, to have a different perspective, which is encouraged here in GLOBIS.

Why did you come to Japan, rather than doing an MBA in your home country?

For me, Japan was a good middle point - not totally Asian, but not totally Western influenced either. Having done my undergraduate degree in Australia, and having worked in an environment which requires an understanding to both outlooks, Japan gave me the answer I needed to find the balance of both influences. It also helps give me a broader perspective, not just globally, but also in terms of industries. It also allows me to create a strong network, with people from all over the world.

How are you finding life in Japan?

Tokyo is an exciting city to be in. There is always something to do, no matter what your interests are. I love the cultural aspects that have now become available to me, and of course, the nightlife in Tokyo! It is a little expensive, but once you get over that, there is nothing that you can't do in Japan!

What are your impressions of the Full-time MBA Program so far?

I won't lie by saying that the Full-time MBA program is not grueling, because it is. Most MBA courses take about two years to finish, but we are expected to complete this program in one year, so it has been a lot of hard work. But with my classmates, it has been a classic example of working hard and playing hard. You learn a lot in class and outside class, so although we spent many hours with our nose buried in books, we have also had a lot of fun exploring Tokyo and hopefully Japan, soon!

What is your typical daily schedule like?

A typical class day starts at by catching the train with most of Tokyo's workforce, to get to class. I am lucky to have found a place that doesn't require me to travel for a long period of time. Classes are intense - it goes on for three hours and a lot of opinions and experiences being shared at every session. After class sessions are over, we hang around after to do group studies together - our class is good in a sense that everybody will help everybody.

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What are your goals after graduation?

Possibly to experience the media industry here in Japan, and hopefully to be able to create a platform for indie performers from the east to bring them to the spotlight. I want the world to know that the east has many unearthed, under-appreciated talents too!

What's your advice to those interested in doing an MBA at GLOBIS?

As the famous Nike slogan goes, just do it! Come, nourish your soul with whimsical Japan, and nourish your mind with the experience and knowledge of the GLOBIS experience.