Wakana Fukushima

Wakana Fukushima

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Travel Industry

Why did you decide to do an MBA at GLOBIS?

Wakana sittingGLOBIS provides an international educational environment with a good combination of global business matters and a Japanese context. My undergrad major was international business, so I have been seeking a place where I can have an international educational environment in a business context. GLOBIS’ full-time English MBA program was more than perfect for me as I can join an MBA class which has students from 17 different countries.

How is your typical day at GLOBIS?

I am early bird, so I love to wake up around 4 AM and study before heading to classes. After finishing classes at 5 PM, I am usually studying in the lounge or at home until around 10-11 PM. This schedule used to be typical for me while I was taking classes on campus, but currently my focus is more on the internship.

How has GLOBIS changed the way you think?

Not only the lecturers but also all my classmates are my teachers. Their opinions in class often encourage me to think more or think differently and broaden my perspective on matters in a particular case.

How are you finding life as an “international student” in Japan?

My classmates who have just come to Japan recently know more than me about Japan, especially about Tokyo. On many occasions, they kindly took me to so many different places in Tokyo to have fun!

What are your career plans? How is GLOBIS helping with them?

Wakana readingI would like to become a bridge between countries and help Japanese companies which would like to expand their business overseas. Learning at GLOBIS has definitely given me broader perspectives in terms of business in the world. So I would like to add value to society as a business person who can think and make effective decisions.

What advice would you give to people considering studying at GLOBIS?

Since I have entered GLOBIS, I cannot help thinking how fortunate I am to be a part of this class. I definitely respect all my classmates and appreciate them for being my good classmates. Business is not only about logic and numbers but also about human relationships. I believe that GLOBIS is a place where you can really learn to appreciate that aspect.