Wilson Chan

Wilson Chan

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Why did you choose GLOBIS?

GLOBIS was my choice because I saw the potential in the school, and coming from an entrepreneurial environment, I find the uniqueness of the brand very appealing.

Also the school focuses on your personal mission - it isn't just about getting an MBA, they are actually trying to help us develop into the leaders of tomorrow. On top of this, Japan has always been a country that has been at the forefront of technology, economics and culture.

Why did you come to Japan, rather than doing an MBA in your home country?

I believe that I have had enough experience in the western education system and perspective, as we see the economies of the east start to rise, I thought it was time to immerse myself in the original economic powerhouse of the eastern hemisphere.

What was the biggest hurdle for you in joining GLOBIS?

The single largest hurdle was to actually to take the leap into the GLOBIS MBA. There were many choices that I had, but ultimately, I felt the strongest attachment to this school. That dedication and passion I felt was enough to outweigh the risks of joining this MBA program. I believe I made the right choice, as the current mix in GLOBIS has the right combination to make it Asia’s number one school.

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How are you finding life in Japan?

Japan is a very unique place full of contradictions that shouldn't work, but in reality create the most unique environment to live in. A mix of old and new, there are amazing places to see and things to experience, not overlooking the fact that the people of Japan are by far the friendliest people once you dive in.

What are your impressions of the Full-time MBA Program so far?

The MBA is intense - be prepared. This is a one-year MBA that has two years’ worth of material compacted into a case-study style interactive classroom environment.

Your classmates will be the greatest influence on your style and personal development, the lecturers will lead you to where you need to be. All you have to do is walk in ready to participate and be open to the discussion as most of the time in an international MBA such as this, you will have your eyes opened.

What is your typical daily schedule like?

Study hard and play hard. School is basically every day during the weekdays with readings and reports that need to be submitted every class.

You would usually wake up and make your way to class in the mornings, grabbing a coffee or energy drink from the 7/11 around the corner of school. Walk into class and have a long heated discussion. Quickly grab lunch from the selections of bento places around school, print your assignments for the next class and repeat the heated discussion in class.

After school, many students choose to stay behind in study groups to work on the next day’s work. Grab dinner with friends and back home to work on more assignments and reports. Sleeping schedules maybe compromised during weeks where we have to hand in reports, but other than that it is rinse and repeat from there.

Weekends are the greatest in Tokyo, it is the time where you enjoy yourself and get a chance enjoy the city.

What advice would you give someone who is considering coming from overseas to study at GLOBIS?

Wilson standingYou really have to be ready to accept and challenge the system in Japan - it is not the easiest place to be introduced into new cultures.

GLOBIS gives you the arena and zone to really figure out your perspectives and thoughts, solidifying your knowledge and confidence to go out into the business world with a new set of tools.

You must also be ready to really refine your school-life balance or else you will not get the full benefit of the MBA. It isn’t just the schooling but also the networking and soft skills that you will really be gaining the most value out of.