Life in Tokyo

Why Japan

Japan harmoniously blends ancient and modern culture, boasting a vibrant economy and a hotbed of constant innovation.

The world’s third-largest economy, Japan offers incredible opportunities for international business professionals. It is home to global pioneers such as Toyota and Sony, as well as newer faces like Softbank and Uniqlo.

Japan has brought the world groundbreaking advancements in technology, entertainment, and culture. It is an ideal country to live and study while becoming a world-class business leader.

Why Tokyo

GLOBIS is located in central Tokyo, Japan’s buzzing economic center and a global hub city.

Tokyo is home to the world’s largest metropolitan economy and dozens of blue-chip companies. Matched with a bustling start-up scene, Tokyo is a leading city in design, fashion, architecture, engineering, technology, finance, and more. Whatever you’re searching for, Tokyo has it.


Students studying online can add Tokyo to their itinerary through the Japan MBA Experience.

The Japan MBA experience is a short for-credit program that allows GLOBIS students to discover Tokyo and Japanese culture. Open to both on-campus and online students, the Japan MBA Experience brings students of all programs to come together and explore the endless possibilities of a dynamic city through class sessions, company visits, and cultural excursions.

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