Life in Tokyo

Why Japan

Japan is an awe-inspiring country that seamlessly blends ancient culture with high technology, a vibrant economy powerhouse and a land of constant innovation.

One of Asia’s most developed countries, Japan offers incredible opportunities for international business professionals. A major economic and political power, with the third-largest economy in the world, Japan is home to pioneering companies such as Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Nissan, making it the perfect place to advance your career.

Japan has brought the world groundbreaking engineering projects like the Shinkansen bullet train, industry re-defining electronics and green technology. A fertile ground for studying, investing and living, Japan is the ideal place  become a world-class business leader.

Why Tokyo

GLOBIS is located in the center of Japan’s capital, making it the perfect choice for internationally minded business leaders.

Home to dozens of blue-chip companies and the world’s largest metropolitan economy, with a GDP larger than that of most countries, Tokyo is a leading city in design, fashion, architecture, engineering, technology and finance. From fashionable Shibuya, Ginza and Harajuku, to bustling Shinjuku and historic Asakusa - Tokyo is a truly world-class metropolis.

Students studying online can add Tokyo to their itinerary through the Japan MBA Experience.

The Japan MBA experience is a short-term, for-credit program that allows GLOBIS students to discover first-hand the dynamic industry of Tokyo. Open to both on-campus and online students, the Japan MBA Experience allows students of all programs to come together and explore the endless possibilities of a dynamic city through both class sessions and excursions, such as cultural field trips and company visits.