Frequently asked questions


  • What is the nano-MBA program?

    The nano-MBA program is a comprehensive business education and pay per course certification program offered by GLOBIS University, which is designed to provide essential business knowledge and skills through a mix of interactive live classes, collaborative group work, and asynchronous learning formats enhanced by AI-powered feedback.

  • How long can I take nano-MBA courses?

    The enrollment duration for nano-MBA courses is one year. During this time, students can take a maximum of two courses per term.

  • How difficult is the program?

    The nano-MBA program is designed for business professionals to acquire practical business skills. While students are required to complete writing assignments, one of the program’s key features is that students can teach and learn from each other through group work. This collaborative approach makes the learning process more engaging and manageable.

  • Do I need to commute to the campus?

    There is no need to come to the campus. The nano-MBA program provides learning content fully online.

  • Is there any opportunity for networking in the nano-MBA program?

    You will have the opportunities to participate in online, hybrid and face-to-face (if applicable) networking events including after-live class gatherings, nano-MBA and MBA networking events and gatherings.

  • What certification can I get from the program?

    Upon completing a course, you may request a certificate of course completion via the student portal.

  • Can nano-MBA credits be transferred to a regular MBA program?

    The nano-MBA credits taken within 5 years upon your GLOBIS MBA enrollment are transferable and count toward the credits required for program completion.

  • What requirements do I need to complete to get the course credit?

    To complete the course and receive the certificate and GLOBIS credits, the following requirements need to be met:
    (1) Complete all required video-learning and writing assignments within the designated time frame
    (2) Participate in the live classes or watch the recordings

  • What is the Quality Guarantee System?

    The Quality Guarantee System allows students who have completed a course and fulfilled all grading requirements to request a full course fee refund if they feel the expected learning outcomes were not achieved. The request must be made to the nano-MBA Student Office within 14 days after the final class of the corresponding course.

  • What is the duration of a course in the nano-MBA program?

    Each course in the nano-MBA program has a duration of 6 weeks.

  • How many hours does the coursework require?

    Coursework hours vary weekly. Allocating approximately 4 hours per week for study should be sufficient to meet requirements.

  • How do I access the learning materials?

    The learning materials are accessible through the program’s student portal on the course starting date.

  • Do I need a laptop or PC?

    We recommend using a laptop or PC for the program. However, you can also take the course on a tablet device as long as it is at least 10 inches in size and has a web browser and access to Zoom.

  • How will the students be evaluated?

    Students who successfully complete the course requirements will receive a grade of “P” or Pass. For incomplete courses, the students will receive a grade of “Ineligible for Grading.”

  • Are live classes held online?

    Live classes are conducted online and scheduled for 1.5 hour during Weeks 1 and 6 of the course. The live class dates vary depending on the course.

  • Can I be late for the live classes?

    A nano-MBA student who participates for at least 60 minutes of the live class will be marked as present, subject to evaluation. Absences occur if a student is not present for at least 60 minutes of the class, regardless of the reason. This includes being late for more than 30 minutes, leaving early, or experiencing connectivity issues.

  • What if I miss the live class?

    If you miss the live class, the recording of the session will be available in the student portal.

  • Who can I contact if I have further questions about the program?

    You can email the nano-MBA Student Office at


  • How do I apply for the program?

    You can apply by filling out the online application form, which includes providing personal information, academic history, and details about your work experience. You can apply here.

  • What are the requirements to apply to the nano-MBA program?

    To apply to the program, you need to meet the following requirements: hold a bachelor’s degree or have a certificate of equivalent value from an accredited institution, have a minimum of one year full-time work experience, and be fluent in English. You can check further details here.

  • What do I have to prepare for the application?

    The application process is straightforward, and the main requirement is a 200-word English essay answering the question: “Why do you wish to apply to the nano-MBA program at GLOBIS University?”

  • What if I do not have an English test score?

    If you do not have an English test score, you will be required to take an English test provided by GLOBIS.

  • Who is exempted from submitting an English test score?

    You are exempted from submitting an English test score if you are either a native English speaker or if you have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from a program taught entirely in English.

  • How long does the application screening process take?

    The application screening process typically takes about 2-3 business days.

  • Can I join the trial class?

    We regularly hold trial classes and nano-MBA info sessions. Please check the dates and details here.

Fees & Financing

  • How much does the nano-MBA program cost?

    Each course costs $350.

  • How much is the enrollment fee?

    There is no enrollment fee for the nano-MBA program.

  • Are scholarships available in the program?

    You can apply for a scholarship of up to 50% of the course fee, applicable only to the first course. You can check the further details here.

  • How do I pay the course fee?

    You can pay for the course via credit or debit card through the student portal.

  • When is the payment deadline for the course fee?

    Payment of tuition must be made by the due date as indicated on the invoice that the University issued after course registration. If payment is overdue, overdue interest (at an annual rate of 12%) may be charged.

  • Can I cancel the course?

    You can cancel the course without a cancellation fee up to a week prior to the course starting date. If the cancellation is made 13 or fewer days before the first day of the corresponding course, a cancellation fee of 100 USD per course will be charged. Cancellations made on or after the first day of the corresponding course will result in the full amount of tuition being charged.