Earn an MBA on your schedule

With the flexible curriculum of the two-year GLOBIS Part-time MBA, you can take classes on-campus, online, or a combination of both. Classes take place on weekday evenings and weekends, allowing you to continue working while you earn your MBA. In order to graduate within two years, you will need to earn 36 credits (approximately 24 courses)

2017/2018 Curriculum Map for the Part-time MBA

(As of July 2018)

 Discipline Fundamental Courses Applied Courses Specialized Courses
Organizational Behavior and HRM

1.5 Human Resource Management
1.5 Organizational Behavior and Leadership

1.5 Power and Influence


1.5 Venture Management
1.5 Venture Business Planning
1.5 Venture Capital and Finance
1.5 Creativity and Organization Management


1.5 Strategic Reorganization
1.5 Financial Reorganization
1.5 Business Transformation through Innovation


1.5 Japanese Management:
New Systems,
Lasting Values

1.5 Globalization of Japanese and Asian Companies
1.5 Global Perspectives
1.5 Cross Cultural Management

Special Courses

1.5 Social Venture

3.0Research Project

1.0 Corporate Mentorship Program
1.0 CEIBS Visit Program
1.0 CBS Visit Program

Technovate Courses

1.0 Industry 4.0
1.5 Technovate Thinking
1.0 Leading Big Data Strategy
1.5 Design Thinking and User Experience
1.5 Emotion -Driven Innovation
1.0 Moonshot Transformation
1.5 Technovate Strategy
1.5 Digital Marketing Psychology
1.0 Robotics Business Innovation
1.0 Innovation through Virtual Teams
1.0 Digital Biotech Innovation
1.0 Entrepreneurship Without Borders

More to come

Marketing and Strategy

1.5 Essentials of Marketing and Strategy
1.5 Marketing I
1.5 Strategy
1.5 Operation Strategy

1.5 Customer Insight and Branding
1.5 Service Management
1.5 Managing Technology-driven Businesses

Accounting and Finance

1.5 Essentials of Accounting
1.5 Essentials of Finance
1.5 Accounting I
(Financial Accounting)

1.5 Finance I
(Corporate Finance)

1.5 Accounting II
(Managerial Accounting)

1.5 Finance II
(Valuation and M&A)

1.5 Finance III
(Mergers and Acquisitions)

Critical and Analytical Skills

1.5 Critical Thinking
1.5 Quantitative Analysis for Business
1.0 English Management Training

1.5 Business Presentation
1.5 Facilitation and Negotiation

Management Philosophy

1.5 Leadership Development, Ethics and Values

1.0 Keiei Dojo
1.5 Entrepreneurial Leadership
1.5 Corporate Philosophy and Social Values

      Required Courses       Required Elective Courses (at least one course is required)        Elective Courses

The numbers in the boxes indicate credits awarded upon completion.
At least 36 credits are required for graduation.

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