Events and Activities

As a member of the GLOBIS MBA community you can enjoy a range of events and activities specially designed to complement and enhance your learning experience. These extracurricular opportunities will help you to expand your network, deepen your knowledge and put your business ideas into practice.

Welcome to the club

Over 50 student clubs exist at GLOBIS covering a wide range of activities and interests, from cultural and language exchanges to book publishing. There are also plenty of opportunities to create your own club to maximize your GLOBIS experience.

Top Seminars

GLOBIS hosts a variety of seminars and workshops lead by global business leaders. Past speakers include Colin Angle (iRobot), Drew Houston (Dropbox), Sarah L. Casanova (McDonalds Holdings Japan), and Tina Seelig (Stanford University).

Business School Exchanges

GLOBIS maintains ever-growing links with top business schools from around the world. Join a short exchange program with CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) or CBS (Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn Business School), or participate in networking events from leading business schools from Europe, America, Asia, and beyond.

Mito visit - Regional Revitalization in Mito with GLOBIS

GLOBIS has been actively conducting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities in Mito, Ibaraki prefecture in Japan, to revitalize the local economy. Starting from 2021, we launched a special 3 day on-campus course at Mito for students to learn about regional revitalization in the context of business through examples from our own activities

G1 Global Conference and forum

The G1 Global conference unites leaders from around the world in government, business, academia, and media, to exchange ideas on the challenges facing Asia and the world.

ASKA Conference

Assembly, Synergy, Knowledge, Ambition. The ASKA Conference brings MBA students, thought leaders and business professionals together for keynote speeches, networking and more.


The GLOBIS Venture Challenge (G-CHALLENGE), exists to accelerate the development of tomorrow’s business leaders. The competition offers you the chance to compete for startup capital and coaching, with a grand prize of up to 10 million JPY in investment funds (as of 2022).

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