Akihiro Komine

Akihiro Komine

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What's your work background? And your current job position?

My major was political management and I enjoyed taking classes such as Organizational Behavior. The last seminar I joined was Human Resources Management. Although I started my career as a systems engineer at mid-size Japanese IT firm, I realized I should pursue a career in HR and so I changed jobs.

This is my fourth job and I am currently working for one of the leading US-based financial institutions. My current role is “HR Business Partner.” I am in charge of supporting the company’s growth from the perspective of the people and the organization. More specifically, I am involved in providing HR-related services such as recruiting, training, performance management, compensation planning, employee relations and organizational development.

What made you consider taking an MBA degree?

Akihiro sittingI thought going through MBA courses would help me enhance my skills to the next level. It was my goal to have a career in the area of Human Resources, but after I achieved this, I realized I needed to have better understanding of business to be able to work in the way I want to. I realized I did not want to be regarded as someone who only knows about HR but someone who knows business, strategy and how to implement from the perspective of people and organization.

Why did you decide to do an MBA at GLOBIS among other business schools?

Because I came to like GLOBIS through my Pre-MBA experience. The classes and sessions were facilitated in a very interactive way, and were impressive. The study and dialogue continue outside of the class, such as through study sessions, socializing with classmates, and mailing groups. They are very helpful in deepening our learning. I also liked its flexibility. Although I wanted to pursue education in English, there are some classes I would like to take in Japanese. At GLOBIS, we can take both English and Japanese courses to a certain degree. I am currently taking an online class in Japanese, and because of such flexibility, I am able to continue the study.

Can you share your Personal Mission with us?

Akihiro standingMy personal mission is to make society and organizations better and brighter by energizing people. I would like people to be more engaged in what they do. I would like people to have a feeling of accomplishment through their work. Many of them are someone’s family members. If a father or mother had a bad day, that may influence on their family members in negative way.

From a broader perspective, I think social issues in Japan have strong connections with issues in companies. For example, childcare, elder care and mental health issues exist within companies in Japan and as companies are struggling with those issues, they turned to be social issues. This is because both society and companies consist of people. And once companies overcome those issues, I believe there is high chance we can resolve social issues.

So far, what's the best aspect of studying at GLOBIS?

There are many. I think the best aspect of studying at GLOBIS is that I feel I am learning something new and I feel I have been able to gain some different perspectives. Compared with my time as a Pre-MBA student, my experience after officially enrolling in the MBA program has changed. I feel like I have to do something right for society, I feel I am growing and I think I have a better idea as to how to tackle new things. It is not easy to continue to study while delivering results at work. But we have a great culture here in which people respect each other while being honest in giving feedback and learning from each other. As a member of the class entering in 2015, our journey has just begun. I am looking forward to our further learning experience at GLOBIS and seeing how far we can go from here.