Dante Mahamoud

Dante Mahamoud

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What is your background and your current job position?

After getting a bachelor degree in African American literature, I spent the first eight years of my career working for a tourism company back in Mali. For the first four years, I worked as tour guide and was constantly supported the sales team; then completely moved to the sales division where I spent the last three years as sales manager. After arriving in Japan in 2012, I occupied a couple of positions such as English teacher or sales executive.

Right now, I work as consultant for one of leading Business Consulting companies in Japan. My job is consisted of two main roles: the first one requires me to do consulting work and deliver training programs to customers. As to the second one, I am in charge of facilitating and developing the entry of the company into the African market.

What made you consider to take an MBA degree?

I have always been a big dreamer because I know that the universe is expecting from me to bring my part of contribution for the betterment of the societies. With that in mind, when I came to Japan and saw all the opportunities around me, and realized that I could not take advantage of them right away, I understood that there is something to be done about MYSELF. That is the time I decided to think about going back to school, but I also had one condition which was:”If I have to study something new, it definitely has to be something that will help me to become a leader”. And the answer was obvious: MBA. With my background, I believe that this MBA program will help me become a versatile business person.  

Why did you decide to come to Japan?

After meeting my wife while working for the tourism company, our first plan was to live in Mali and work on our own company. But because of the political situation which ended by a civil war in my country, we decided to come here and stay for one or two years. After we arrived and spent the first year, I found out that Japan was a place of great opportunities especially for someone who wants to become an entrepreneur. Then we decided to stay longer.

Can you share with us your personal mission?

Growing up, I understood that more we know (learn), more we become aware that we need to learn more. But for people who don’t have that basic knowledge, they will never try to learn more than what they know. Where I come from is a place where education has room for improvement. In my country (Mali) and like many other African countries, not only many kids don’t have access to school, but the quality of the education also leaves something to be considered. My personal mission is to bring a change into that. I believe it is not something easy and I am ready build what it take in order to improve the quality and give access to education a all those kids; even those from the very far villages. The reason why I chose this as personal mission is because I believe that education is the engine for any sustainable development.