Ikem Okoboshi

Ikem Okoboshi

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What's your work professional background?

Upon completion of my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I received my first job offer to work for one of the top three banks in Canada. I worked in retail banking as a Financial Advisor for Scotiabank for three years. My main responsibilities were managing client relationships and improving branch profitability. 

What made you decide to do an MBA? Why the GLOBIS MBA?

My vision is to help strengthen business relationships and the smooth exchange of knowledge and technology between Nigeria and Japan. To accomplish this vision, I know I must develop my leadership skills and qualities, acquire greater knowledge of Japanese business and culture, and establish a professional network. This is why I decided to do my MBA.

I visited Japan for the first time in 2012 as an exchange student at Niigata University. I knew I wanted to come back and further my studies. I chose GLOBIS MBA after taking two free trial classes; I experienced the culture and spoke to alumni, current students, and a student adviser. I was convinced that the GLOBIS MBA program would help me acquire and develop the skills I need in business to become the leader I envision myself to be.

What is your class experience like?

My class experience is great. I feel like it is designed for students to share problems, ideas, and solutions, as well as to express creativity and feelings. I get to brainstorm with professionals from different industries who bring their unique experiences and skills set to the classroom. The teachers are there as a guide to help improve our learning and understanding according to course objectives.

What advice would you give to potential prospects who are interested in taking the GLOBIS MBA/Pre-MBA?

If you are considering the GLOBIS MBA program, here’s my advice. First, be prepared to challenge yourself and participate in the classroom. You can learn something new in every class. Second, learn to work with your classmates on and off campus. The MBA will provide opportunities to learn about people and communication skills. Lastly, express your ideas and creativity. GLOBIS is a place that encourages everyone to express their unique ideas and solutions so we can all learn and grow together.

What are your immediate plans after the MBA; do you intend to stay in the same industry or do a career switch etc.?

My short-term goal after the MBA is to make a career switch and work as a consultant for a consulting firm that provides strategy and operations advice. I hope to apply what I have learned during my MBA and help Japanese companies expand into new markets in Africa, like Nigeria, and vice-versa.

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