Jose Fernandez Villasenor

Jose Fernandez Villasenor

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Industry Background:
Medical Doctor and Electronics & Systems Engineering

What's your work background? And your current job position?

Jose standingI have two degrees: Medical Doctor and Electronics & Systems Engineering. I have worked for more than 15 years in these industries.

As a doctor I had a private practice and launched a small venture of Medical Spas focusing on cosmetic medicine (which was my major as an M.D.) which I sold before moving to Japan almost three years ago.

Thanks to my double degree in engineering, I was recruited by Freescale Semiconductor, an American company that spun off from Motorola and was interested in setting foot in the healthcare market. During my time at this company, I assumed different roles such as systems solutions engineering, applications engineering, product marketing, R&D, and my current role as Healthcare Business Development Manager.

What made you consider taking an MBA degree?

While working in the R&D division, I found out that a lot of great ideas never become real products because scientists are not particularly aware of how to analyze the market, how to create financial strategies to fund their operations, and how to sell their ideas to the upper management levels, myself included.

I found out that technical skills and passion are just not enough if you lack certain skill sets and the mindset that people with MBA degrees have developed, which allows them to bring innovative ideas to the market. I therefore decided that my next step would be to pursue this degree.

Also, when becoming an entrepreneur, I found out that starting a venture is not easy, and leadership skills are a must to motivate your employees, develop an organization, its vision, the appropriate accounting tools to manage your expenses, and have the company grow through different phases of the venture.

Why did you decide to do an MBA at GLOBIS among other business schools?

During one networking event with alumni from the university I graduated from, a good friend, who was enrolled at GLOBIS, told me about all the added value that GLOBIS provided as an MBA program. At that time I was about to enroll in a different online MBA program, but in the end I opted for a real-time MBA because of the solid network it could potentially provide.

I was impressed! A university that offered a part-time program with schedules that allowed me to continue to work and study, while focusing on Entrepreneurship and Leadership programs, was just what I needed! I quickly decided to enroll in the Pre-MBA program, and then moved on to the Part-time MBA. It was the best decision I could have made!

At GLOBIS you can also build your kokorozashi or “personal mission” which was something unfamiliar to me. So at that point in time I didn’t fully appreciate the value and change in perspective that this would bring to my life.

Can you share your Personal Mission with us?

Jose sittingBefore enrolling at GLOBIS, my personal mission was pretty much clear to me: develop new technology that could be used in the healthcare industry to improve the lives of patients.

During the leadership and entrepreneur classes that GLOBIS offered, I was able to get more insight of what I really wanted to achieve, and also of my personal motivation to do what I was doing by analyzing my personal history, as well as learning about global leaders and their backgrounds.

Through feedback given by lecturers and classmates and using tools and skills you learn and develop at GLOBIS, I was able to refine and polish my personal mission to be: “Become an entrepreneur to help prevent diseases and reduce mortality by easy-to-use and affordable technology. This will lead to having healthier patients and happier doctors, and will aid to continuously improve healthcare services”.

So far, what's the best aspect of studying at GLOBIS?

I cannot choose only one! I think the combination of lecturers who have practical, first-hand experiences with the course they teach, the method case in which you learn from your peers and pretend to be manager or CEO of the described company, the camaraderie among classmates to help each other during study sessions and in class, and the curriculum selection are some of the best aspects about GLOBIS.