Junjie Wang

Junjie Wang

Home country:
Industry Background:
Pharmaceutical Industry

What's your work background? And your current job position?

Junjie talkingI moved to Japan three years ago as a fresh recruit with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company.
I worked in the Office of President and CEO for the first year and a half, and transferred to the Corporate Strategy Department last April.
My department creates and reviews strategic proposals and develops and maintains corporate governance guidelines. In addition, my department is leading several global projects.
Due to the small number of staff in the department, as well as management policy, members are expected to experience a variety of tasks across a number of different disciplines.
I’m personally involved in several corporate projects at the moment.

What made you consider taking an MBA degree?

After I started working, I realized that I still had a lot to learn. I began to get excited about the world of business, which involves mathematics, language, psychology, and much more. Although on-the-job training helped me to improve in my current role, it did not allow me to explore the other facets of business.
Studying an MBA is a “shortcut” that lets me grasp the different aspects of business in a compressed time frame.

Why did you decide to do an MBA at GLOBIS among other business schools?

Junjie sittingI like GLOBIS's case study approach very much.
Nobody becomes a great leader overnight. Leadership has to be developed over time. I think that there are two effective ways of learning: one way is to learn from actual events, the other is to learn through vicarious experience. Because of the limitation on the number of roles a person can experience, not everyone can gain a broad range of skills within a limited period of time. This is where case studies come in.

In GLOBIS classes you assume the role of a marketing director, operations manager, CFO or even CEO. Just as pilots do simulations before they fly, case studies help you to apply theories, frameworks and skills into real life situations using simulated problems.

I was told by one of my GLOBIS lecturers that knowing how a piano functions doesn’t mean you can play it! There is always a gap between “knowing” and “doing.”
The learning approach GLOBIS takes is very practical, and this is why I decided to join.

So far, what's the best aspect of studying at GLOBIS?

Junjie stairsWhat I like the best about studying at GLOBIS is the positive energy the students and lecturers create. They are always excited about learning new things, exchanging ideas, and sharing their personal goals. This energy is really contagious.
I have benefited a lot from it. Being in contact with such positive people helps me to stay passionate, resilient and focused on my goals. I am always able to gain inspiration when talking to people here—there is always something I can learn and always something I can reflect on—to make myself a better person.