Kei Karasawa

Kei Karasawa

Home country:
Industry Background:
Integrated trading house

What's your work background? And your current job position?

Kei walkingI have eleven years’ experience in HR working at a Japanese trading house, including labor relations, workforce planning, HR development and global HR. Normally new graduates entering trading houses want to be engaged in business, but I intended to be an HR person because I've always been interested in people. I have focused on developing my HR expertise by getting the qualification of Labor and Social Security Attorney and becoming a member of the Japan Society for HR Management. Currently I'm an assistant manager in the HR Development team and Global HR team, and my job includes organizing training programs for locally hired staff all over the world.

What made you consider taking an MBA degree?

My long-term goal is to become a global-minded HR expert as an individual, and then to make the whole Japanese HR industry stronger from a strategic perspective. Feeling that I need to acquire general management skills as well as HR expertise to achieve my goal, I started to take GLOBIS courses as a Pre-MBA student. Actually, I was not thinking about taking an MBA at the beginning, but just wanted to explore different viewpoints through discussions with diverse classmates in English. However, as I kept taking various courses, I came to like learning in a structured manner and decided to get an MBA degree.

Why did you decide to do an MBA at GLOBIS among other business schools?

I just enjoy learning in GLOBIS, because awesome classmates with high motivation always inspire me. Especially in English MBA classes, more than one third of the classmates are non-Japanese and their diverse opinions from different backgrounds are always new to me and expand my perspective. There are diplomats, expatriates of global companies, and other members with unique experiences. I love having discussions with them.

In addition to that, not only ordinary classes but also special events such as ASKA conference and G1 Global bring opportunities to expand my network and expose myself to exciting new ideas and opportunities.

Can you share your Personal Mission with us?

Kei friendMy Personal Mission is to make people feel the joy of working, especially in a global environment full of diversity. I want to create positive organizations where people accept and respect each other and feel motivated. Though I believe there are many strong points in Japanese management systems, they need to be changed in line with the changing circumstances of globalization. Japanese companies need to leverage diversity including women and foreign workers, and they need to show a clearer vision. There is a lot of room to improve in HR fields in a strategic manner, and Japanese HR has the potential to be stronger. I'd like to make working people happier by creating a strong HR environment in Japan.

So far, what's the best aspect of studying at GLOBIS?

Though there are many things GLOBIS has given me, I dare to say that the best treasure I got is fellow students with deep insights and positive energy to inspire me. We are building strong bonds through frank discussions in classes and off-campus communications. They have always encouraged me and supported me even when I feel blue and lose my confidence. I believe we will deepen our relationships during the rest of our student lives, and it will last forever.