Naoya Kondo

Naoya Kondo

Home country:
Industry Background:
Sales, Food Industry

What's your work professional background?

I have worked at one of the leading Japanese food companies for four years.  I belong to the sales division and am responsible to meet annual sales targets by negotiating with distributors and retailers as a sales representative.  I am highly satisfied with my current job, which taught me an above essential view in business.

What made you decide to do an MBA? Why the GLOBIS MBA?

I have three reasons to do an MBA. Firstly, I wanted to acquire professional skills such as marketing, accounting, creating strategies, and organizing businesses.

Secondly, I wanted to broaden my perspectives not only on the food industry but also other industries by building relationships with classmates. Lastly, I wanted to make clear what I truly wanted to do. In other words, I wanted to know “what is my personal mission?”

What can you tell me about the other students in the program?

I could say every student has huge enthusiasm and energy. I feel they are driven by their passion. Therefore, I am always looking forward to take classes even though I need to be well prepared for assignments! Also, I love my classmates because they are so diverse. My marketing class is composed of people from many different industries, countries, and generations.

Since starting your MBA program, have you had an opportunity to apply what you learned at work?

As a sales representative, I often had time to do presentations to my clients. Before I took Business Presentation (BUP) at GLOBIS, I had never learned how to make presentations. I just did the presentation according to advice from my supervisors and colleagues. After I finished the Business Presentation course, I tried to keep in mind the goal of the presentation and create presentation slides for one of the important clients utilizing what I learned. I think the slides were much easier to understand than before. Finally, I could get clients to take action positively after the presentation.  

What are your plans after the MBA? Do you intend to stay in the same industry or do a career pivot?

My immediate plans after MBA is  to become involved with human resource management and help people discover their calling. I seriously wonder about the Japanese working environment, where people and jobs seem to be not matched well.

What advice would you give to potential prospects who are interested in taking the GLOBIS MBA/Pre-MBA?

If I could give advice to potential prospects who are interested in taking the GLOBIS MBA, I would like to say please take this great opportunity without hesitation. I sometimes have difficulties, but classmates and faculty can help me every time! So, let’s take a chance and enjoy GLOBIS life!

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