Wise Ongg

Wise Ongg

Home country:
United States
Industry Background:
System Engineer

What's your work background? And your current job position?

Wise talkingI started a small internet company in college with some friends. We then split up to pursue our next interest and I started working at a laser lab in our university.
After I graduated with a masters, I went to Toshiba USA at the same time I started doing investments in real estate and stocks on my own time with the company I own.

What made you consider taking an MBA degree?

Seeing that my investments were slowing down after a rapid recovery of US economy, I decided to try a market outside US.
I've read a lot of economic analysis of different countries and I stumbled across an article that rated investing expectation and confidence for various countries.
Japan topped out over US and it caught my eye. My family were close by, my roots are closely related to Japan, yet I've never lived there, so naturally Japan was my next destination.
As for an MBA, you get acquainted with the local economy very fast along with its network and I thought that it was a great way to get into Japan.

Why did you decide to come to Japan?

I personally admire the culture of humility, work ethic, adherence to rules, creativity and the constant quest for quality in everything. These are admirable traits that we all can learn and apply to improve our lives and our societies. In addition to all these I received funding/scholarship for study and I thank God for it every time.

Can you share your Personal Mission with us?

Wise stairsI have been amazed by how our VC helped us back in our days when we started our company.
My aim is to be able to support and promote entrepreneurial environments starting in Asia, and throughout the globe.
Furthermore, I hope culture and traditions in various nations will continuously evolve through innovative ventures and one day, we shall aspire creative freedom.
So far, what's the best aspect of studying at GLOBIS?
I like how the lecturers are practical and they are connected to you at a personal level (more of a friend than that of teacher).
In class, our fellow students have an excellent vibe. We are very supportive of each other, and we help each other figure out various problems.