Hybrid Learning

The Hybrid MBA Student Experience

Our Part-time & Online MBA blends the best of online and in-person study experiences to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

  • 1
    Fundamental Courses

    Over 90% of Fundamental courses are offered both in person and online.

  • 2
    Applied Courses

    More and more Applied courses are offered online with each term. Connect and learn with classmates in different countries. Expand your network globally and broaden your perspectives.

  • 3
    Specialized Courses

    The majority of the Specialized courses are offered online. Learn to lead in your area of interest from faculty specialists around the world.


  • On-campus

    Face-to-face discussions

  • On-campus

    Physical networking

  • On-campus

    Tokyo campus experience

  • Online

    Real-time virtual discussions

  • Online

    Global network

  • Online

    Flexible scheduling

  • Daichi Ishiwata

    “I enjoyed face-to-face classes for the casual communication with classmates and lecturers. That gave me a lot of inspiration and encouragement. But online classes gave me flexibility, so the hybrid style allowed me to enjoy the classes to the fullest and optimize my learning experience.”

  • Alecia Thomson

    “There are various opportunities to network at GLOBIS. I was part of the student leadership group, so I helped organize different types of social events, including the graduation after-party and the Mito program during Golden Week.”