The GLOBIS Pre-MBA gives you the chance to take actual MBA courses designed to boost your business knowledge, leadership skills, and career opportunities. Classes can be taken online or on campus in Tokyo, allowing you to balance study with work and other commitments.

Pre-MBA students can take up to eight courses that comprise the foundation of a GLOBIS MBA. Students typically take between one and three courses per term, depending on their interest and schedule.

Curriculum Map for the Pre-MBA


FFundamental Courses
AApplied Courses
SSpecialized Courses
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Organizational Behavior and HRM
Course nameCourse TypeCredits
F Human Resource ManagementRequired1.5
F Organizational Behavior and LeadershipRequired1.5
Marketing and Strategy
Course nameCourse TypeCredits
F Essentials of Marketing and StrategyElective1.5
F MarketingRequired1.5
F StrategyRequired1.5
F Operation StrategyRequired1.5
Accounting and Finance
Course nameCourse TypeCredits
F Essentials of AccountingElective1.5
F Essentials of FinanceElective1.5
F Accounting I (Financial Accounting)Required1.5
F Finance I (Corporate Finance)Required1.5
Critical and Analytical Skills
Course nameCourse TypeCredits
F Critical ThinkingRequired Elective*1.5
F Business AnalyticsRequired Elective*1.5
A Business PresentationElective1.5
A Facilitation and NegotiationElective1.5
Technovate Special Courses
Course nameCourse TypeCredits
S Technovate for Future EnterpriseElective1.0
S Innovation through Virtual TeamsElective1.5
*At least one course is required

The numbers in the boxes indicate credits awarded upon completion.
12 credits can be earned in the Pre-MBA Program.

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