The GLOBIS Pre-MBA gives you the chance to take actual MBA courses, designed to boost your business knowledge, leadership skills, and career opportunities. Classes can be taken online or  on-campus (in Tokyo or Osaka), allowing you to balance study with work and other commitments.

Pre-MBA students can take up to eight courses that comprise the foundation of a GLOBIS MBA. Students typically take between one and three courses per term, depending on their interest and schedule.

Curriculum Map for the Pre-MBA


FFundamental Courses
AApplied Courses
SSpecialized Courses
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Organizational Behavior and HRM
Course name Course Type Credits
F Human Resource Management Required 1.5
F Organizational Behavior and Leadership Required 1.5
Marketing and Strategy
Course name Course Type Credits
F Essentials of Marketing and Strategy Elective 1.5
F Marketing I Required 1.5
F Strategy Required 1.5
F Operation Strategy Required 1.5
Accounting and Finance
Course name Course Type Credits
F Essentials of Accounting Elective 1.5
F Essentials of Finance Elective 1.5
F Accounting I (Financial Accounting) Required 1.5
F Finance I (Corporate Finance) Required 1.5
Critical and Analytical Skills
Course name Course Type Credits
F Critical Thinking Required Elective** 1.5
F Business Analytics Required Elective** 1.5
F English Management Training Elective 1.0
A Business Presentation Elective 1.5
A Facilitation and Negotiation Elective 1.5
Technovate Special Courses
Course name Course Type Credits
S Industry 4.0 Elective 1.0
S Innovation through Virtual Teams* Elective 1.0
**At least one course is required

The numbers in the boxes indicate credits awarded upon completion.
12 credits can be earned in the Pre-MBA Program.

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