Frequently asked questions


  • What is Pre-MBA?

    The GLOBIS Pre-MBA allows you to take actual MBA courses before becoming an MBA student. Over one year, you can take a limited number of courses, with all credits earned transferable to the MBA program. Most GLOBIS MBA students start with the Pre-MBA due to the benefits mentioned below.

    You can see more information here:

  • What are the benefits of this program?

    Most GLOBIS MBA students start with the Pre-MBA, as it offers the following benefits:
    – Experience GLOBIS MBA courses first-hand before deciding to enroll
    – Start from any term (January, April, July, October)
    – Earn credits that can be transfered to the MBA, to reduce your workload as an MBA student
    – Gain practical skills that can be immediately applied at work
    – Earn a certificate of completion for each course to add to your CV
    – Pre-MBA tuition paid is later deducted from the MBA tuition, reducing the financial burden

  • Who should join this program?

    Pre-MBA students usually fall into two categories: (1) those who are planning to do an MBA and would like to experience courses beforehand, and (2) those who would just like to gain some practical skills in a particular field that they can immediately apply at work.

  • How long can I be a Pre-MBA student?

    Pre-MBA student status lasts for a maximum of 2 years or until you have enrolled in the MBA program.

  • How many courses can I take?

    Students can take a maximum of 8 courses (12 credits).

  • What courses can I take?

    Pre-MBA students can take most of GLOBIS’s Fundamental MBA courses, a couple of Applied courses, and Technovate courses.

    You can see the next term’s course schedule here:

  • Are classes different to the MBA classes?

    No. The classes themselves are actual MBA classes from our Part-time & Online MBA program. Your classmates will consist of MBA students and fellow Pre-MBA students.

  • What certification can I get from this program?

    You can get a certificate of completion for each course you complete. Please note you need to request this.

  • Do I need to speak Japanese to join?

    No. The program is conducted entirely in English.

  • Can I get a visa to study in this program?

    No. To get a student visa, you will need to be enrolled in the Full-time MBA program.

  • Are classes online or on campus?

    Students have the option of taking courses both online and on campus in Tokyo, in line with their needs. You can see the schedule of on-campus and online courses here:

  • When are classes held?

    As the program is designed for working professionals, classes are held on weekday evenings and weekends.

    You can see the next term’s class schedule here:

  • When does the program start?

    Terms start in January, April, July and October. You can join from any term. Please see the application details and deadline here:

  • How long is a course?

    One courses is three months, with classes held bi-weekly.

  • What is the typical workload like?

    The course schedule is designed to suit those who are working full-time. Each course will require about 5-8 hours to prepare for classes, which are held bi-weekly. Students can start with just one or two courses to get used to the workload.

  • How are classes conducted at GLOBIS?

    All GLOBIS classes are highly energetic and interactive. A typical class consists of a case study to be analyzed as preparation, followed by groupwork, student presentations, and discussions in class.

    Rather than “lecture,” GLOBIS lecturers focus on leading students to find their own solutions and deepen their understanding of a given learning point.

  • How many students are in a class?

    A typical GLOBIS class has 20-30 students. The small size allows for increased interaction among students and with the lecturer.

  • How are students assessed?

    For most courses, students are primarily graded on their participation in each class and a report to be submitted. There are no tests within the courses. In order to graduate from the Part-time and Online MBA, students need to pass all required courses and earn the minimum number of required credits. Students entering after 2018 also need to pass the GMAP (GLOBIS Management Assessment Program) test.

  • What are the differences between on-campus and online classes?

    GLOBIS strives to maintain the same high level of quality for both online and on campus (Tokyo). Course contents and expectations are identical for both formats. Both on-campus and online courses are highly interactive, revolving around group work and discussions facilitated by GLOBIS faculty, not one-way lectures or pre-recorded videos.

    With that in mind, here are some of the differences that students can expect:
    (1) Students taking courses online can watch recordings of classes they miss
    (2) Participation for online courses is graded based on voice communication as well as using extended online features, including voting, chatting, and real-time collaboration tools.

  • How are online courses delivered? What are the requirements?

    GLOBIS utilizes Zoom technology to deliver classes live to your computer. Students communicate via voice, video, chat, voting, and other online collaboration features.

    Most modern computers are sufficient to join online courses. In addition, you will need a webcam, headset, and broadband internet connection.

  • Can I take courses in Japanese?

    Yes, you can apply to take Japanese Pre-MBA courses here:

    Please note the Pre-MBA course limit includes both English and Japanese courses.

  • What if I miss a class?

    If you miss a class, you can take a substitute class in the same term if it is offered, or a later term. For online courses, you can watch a recording of the class you missed. Please note that students who miss more than 2 out of 6 classes will be ineligible for grading.


  • What are the requirements to join this program?
    Applicants should have a university degree, one year of full-time work experience, and be fluent in English. If you don’t meet these requirements but would still like to apply, please enquire directly.
  • How do I apply?

    You can apply by filling out our online application form. Please provide us with some brief background information, as well as a 200-word essay. You can apply here:

  • When is the application deadline?

    The application deadline is usually two weeks before the course starts.

    Please see here for more details:

  • How often is the intake?
    There are four terms per year, and you can join any term. New terms start in January, April, July and October, and courses last for three months.
  • How long does it take to prepare an application?
    The application is quick and easy to prepare. Depending on how long it takes you to write the 200-word essay, it should take no longer than 30-60 minutes to complete the application.
  • What documents do I need to submit?

    No documents are required, but please fill out the application form including your work and education background, as well as your English test score. If you don’t have an English test score, we can arrange for you to take an English test provided by us.

    You can access the application form here:

  • What English test score is required?
    We recommend an English test score of at least TOEIC 850, TOEFL iBT 96, or IELTS 7.0. You can still apply with a lower test score, however please send us your most recent English test score should you possess one. Depending on your score and essay, we may ask you to take an English test provided by us.
  • Can I apply for this program from outside of Japan?
    Yes, but as it is not possible to get a student visa as a Pre-MBA student, we recommend taking courses online.

Fees & Financing

  • How much is tuition?
    The tuition is 128,000 JPY per course, unless otherwise specified.
  • Are scholarships available for the Pre-MBA?
    Yes, we offer two types of scholarships that exempt applicants from the Pre-MBA enrollment fee (23,000 JPY) until enrolling in the MBA program.
  • What other financing options are available?
    JACCS education loans are available for those who wish to make more than two payments. JACCS education loans are only available to residents of Japan.
  • How is the payment made?
    There is no payment required until you have passed the application and confirmed which course(s) you would like to take. The payment is made online or via bank transfer, and is due within two weeks of course registration.
  • Are there any other fees aside from tuition?
    There is a one-time enrollment fee of 23,000 JPY. Besides that, there are no other required fees. Participation in extracurricular activities and purchase of extra textbooks (not required for most classes) and materials is not covered by the tuition.