Andrew Badham

Andrew Badham

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Medical Industry

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Why did you come to GLOBIS?

Prior to coming to Japan, I worked on policy design in the Australian Government. While I had learned a lot about government, I wanted to quickly build my skills in business, particularly strategy. I looked at all my options -– including options available in Tokyo, overseas study and correspondence but GLOBIS made sense for its entrepreneurial spirit, interactive classes and flexibility.

What’s your impression of GLOBIS so far?

I’ve taken courses only for one term but I am increasingly confident that I made the right choice. The classes are unlike anything I’ve experienced before – very practical, case focused, with a lot of thinking on your feet. In fact, we tend to spend a lot of time on our feet in GLOBIS classes! Although the content is challenging, the coursework is well structured and centered around a clear theme each week, with lots of reinforcement and sharing of views online in between classes.

Message to future Pre-MBA students

The great thing about the Pre-MBA program is a chance to ‘try before you buy.’ You can see whether an MBA is right for you, make interesting friends and learn new ways of thinking that you can apply at work straight away.

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