Atsushi Ito

Atsushi Ito

Home country:
Industry Background:
Company Name:
Nihon Michelin tire co. ltd.
Truck and Bus tire Product Line
Key Account Manager

Why did you come to GLOBIS?

Atsushi sittingIn the spring of 2012, I made the decision to join the Pre-MBA Program at GLOBIS in order to develop my own abilities. My goal is to become a capable person who can bring significant success to our group. When interacting with Group Management, co-workers and visitors from overseas, or by joining regional meetings with participants from Greater Asia, I felt the need to acquire various abilities. Some of these abilities would include how to build up an argumentation, how to involve other people when performing a task, how to deliver a presentation to impress other people. The Pre-MBA Program at GLOBIS was able to provide me with such practical knowledge.

What do you enjoy at GLOBIS? Your impressions so far?

The most interesting thing for me is the exchanges we have in class with classmates and lecturers who have different nationalities, cultural and business backgrounds. Many case studies are useful to learn theories, principles and frameworks. Even though it is not always easy for me to understand the classes and grasp core ideas of lectures, I’m not that worried because skillful lecturers and friendly classmates are always with by my side and help me out. For me, study sessions are indispensable to review the classes.

What's your message to future Pre-MBA students?

Try it out for yourself! Join the Open Campus and see what GLOBIS can offer with your own eyes. You can find out why highly-motivated business professionals choose GLOBIS MBA. I am looking forward to seeing other motivated individuals willing to develop themselves!

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