Milica Stojkovic

Milica Stojkovic

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Sosei Group
Investor Relations

Why did you come to GLOBIS?

Milica talkingI have been thinking about doing an MBA for a while now to obtain the credentials and knowledge that I think would be helpful at my present work and perhaps in my future career. But I was also aware that quitting my job was not an option for me, so I joined an MBA fair to look for a program that would enable me to work and study at the same time. There I learned more about GLOBIS, and the possibilities the Pre-MBA Program offers. I think it is a brilliant system because it takes so much pressure off you, and gives you the chance to experience the actual MBA classes and see if the schedule and workload are something you can actually bear.

What do you enjoy at GLOBIS?

The first thing I really like about GLOBIS, is the interactivity of the lectures. The courses are very engaging and are based on “collaborative learning” which gives you a chance not only to learn from your lecturers, but also from your enthusiastic classmates. I also very much appreciate the fact that our lecturers have not only academic expertise, but also plenty of real-life experience, and are always insisting that we apply the things we learned at work.

What is your message to future Pre-MBA students?

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I think GLOBIS can offer a challenging curriculum, an interactive and international environment, and the flexibility of choosing subjects in the order you like and at your own pace. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to do your studies without having to leave your work. All this makes it a place you should definitely consider.

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