Naoko Fujihira

Naoko Fujihira

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Financial Services Industry
Technology Administration

What made you decide to join the Pre-MBA courses at GLOBIS?

For a long time, I had in mind that I wanted to improve myself. I had been working for nearly seven years in the same company and felt that I needed to “get connected” to what was happening outside of my industry. However, I could not figure out the most appropriate training to help broaden my horizons.

After a few months of research, I decided to enroll in the GLOBIS Pre-MBA program and started with two classes: English Management Training and Facilitation & Negotiation.
The experience made such an impact on my life that I decided to continue afterward with a Part-time MBA program in Tokyo.

How did you balance your work, studies, and personal life?

To be honest, the first semester was very tough as I was no longer used to studying and it took me a while to learn how to communicate effectively with my teammates. Reading cases and writing up reports took a great deal of time and effort.
But eventually, as time went on, and with the help and advice of my classmates I started to feel more settled. I learned to prioritize my tasks and maintained a tight schedule, which even allowed me to find some time to rest and relax.

Over time, I also became more organized and productive at work. From a personal viewpoint, I was lucky enough to have my mother at home to help look after my children. The support I got from my classmates, colleagues, and family motivated me to learn, improve myself, and most importantly, find a clear vision of what I wanted in life.

Lastly, GLOBIS’ flexible schedule was invaluable. When I was switching jobs, I was able to substitute some of my on-campus time with virtual real-time courses.

What did you learn in class and were able to directly apply in your workplace?

The Facilitation & Negotiation class helped me improve my communication skills. I also learned to better manage my feelings in stressful situations thanks to the help of my class lecturer and teammates.
With the Critical Thinking & Business Analytics courses, I learned to organize and process information effectively. I also developed my presentation skills, which really boosted my confidence.

The MBA program gave me the tools to holistically understand business. Now, I can better understand how different functions such as finance or marketing within an organization are linked and impact each other. Most importantly, the courses I took at GLOBIS taught me to think strategically and to process the right information when making decisions.

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