Nil Postius Echeverri

Nil Postius Echeverri

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Industry Background:
Automotive Industry
Industrial Engineer

What made you decide to join the Pre-MBA courses at GLOBIS?

I decided to take the Pre-MBA courses to broaden my connections with people who think differently from me. From my first contact with GLOBIS, I was pleased to see that there were many critical thinkers. Moreover, every class was taught with passion. All the lecturers love sharing their knowledge and experience.

The more you get to know your classmates, the more you understand that you are all eager to share and learn the most from each other, although we all come with our own background and issues. And that proved to be a great motivation for me to push myself and learn every day!

The challenge was high but the feeling when we finished the classes was indescribable. It felt very rewarding to realize that we had acquired so much valuable knowledge, a host of technological, analytical, and logical skills that we could use in our daily life.

What was your first impression of GLOBIS?

I had high expectations regarding my education choices. I wanted to develop my global mindset by socially interacting with people from as many backgrounds as possible. I believe that building bridges between science, engineering, technology, economy, and society is critical for today’s leaders.

To me, business management training should combine all of the above and equip students with the right tools and necessary leadership skills to shape the world. Students should be able to fully develop their natural talent and capacities and find ways to work with each other collaboratively.

With GLOBIS, I found all of that. Moreover, the university has demonstrated its commitment to the social dimension via the deep and personal human connections that I received from them. They took into consideration my needs and expectations and guided me in a timely and professional manner.

Later on, I came across this approach again with the GLOBIS lecturers and teammates. This was very important to me as I believe that how people interact with each other is what matters the most in real life.

What advice would you give to future GLOBIS students?

My main advice would be to take some Pre-MBA courses before joining the Part-time or Full-time MBA program. With the Pre-MBA courses, I was able to gradually get accustomed to the GLOBIS culture and vision. The Pre-MBA helped me organize my time and get into the student lifestyle again. I was able to develop the learning tools I needed to embark on the Full-time MBA program.

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