Tomohiro Kuwabara

Tomohiro Kuwabara

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Assistant Director

What made you decide to join the Pre-MBA courses at GLOBIS?

The vision and mission conveyed by GLOBIS Founder and President Yoshito Hori made me choose this school. I really liked his purpose of “creating a better society through business” mentioned in one of his books. This strongly resonated with my values and I became increasingly confident that GLOBIS was the ideal place for me to study, get out of my comfort zone, and expand my network.

I was also looking for a business school with a strong expertise in innovation as I wanted to enhance my knowledge and skills in this specific area.

What was your first impression of GLOBIS?

The GLOBIS MBA is a highly diversified program with students from different backgrounds, countries, and industries. I quickly learned that the more you get involved, the richer your learning experience is as a whole.

A week prior to my first Pre-MBA course, I was surprised that our lecturer encouraged us to hold a study session with our classmates to prepare the first assignment before class. Though I did not know anyone, I followed his advice and had an online session with one of my classmates in Africa, which I enjoyed a lot!

One of the most special opportunities that I had was a presentation in financial accounting that I delivered to bankers, investors, and journalists during an Investor Relations conference.

I would never have imagined I would be conducting my case studies in the shoes of a CEO with a CFO from South Africa and a CMO from Malaysia. The virtual real-time curriculum expands my geographical and cultural reach beyond all my expectations.

What advice would you give to future GLOBIS students?

GLOBIS is a business school that encourages you to take risks and try out your ideas. Throughout this process, you will acquire new skills, build a broad professional network, and reflect deeply on your personal life mission. It is a place where you can think safely, and most importantly, act. Give it a go!

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