Veerababu Chebrolu

Veerababu Chebrolu

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Financial Industry
Senior Solution Architect

What made you decide to join the Pre-MBA courses at GLOBIS?

I was working for a few years within the same company and one day, our CEO asked us to reflect on whether we had recently taken any challenges to advance our career.
Shockingly, I realized that I had been engaged in a professional routine as the days and months had been rolling along. In an effort to break this cycle, I then started to look into how I could meaningfully develop myself.

My research led me to different training programs and I figured out that an MBA at this stage of my life would be the right choice. As I had already heard about GLOBIS, I decided to try out a Pre-MBA course to see whether it would meet my expectations.
I was impressed not only by the professionalism and knowledge of my lecturers and classmates, but also by the culture and vision at GLOBIS. I was so inspired that I subsequently signed up for the Part-time MBA program.

How did you balance your work, studies, and personal life?

Before starting the courses, I drafted a study plan to balance my work, personal, and student life.
This was my plan: I studied 2 hours per day at night or early in the morning before joining the study sessions with my fellow classmates. At work, I was able to reduce my working hours to 80% of my usual work week by applying what I was learning at the time, from my studies to the projects that I was currently working on. And during the weekend, I dedicated time to my private life unless there was a weekend class.

I believe that the success factor here was my commitment to balancing these three components as best and making sure that I did not neglect anyone in my personal or working life.

What did you learn in class and were able to directly apply in your workplace?

I am a solution architect and the specialized courses at Technovate proved to be very useful. As an example, the Emotion-Driven Innovation course taught me to focus not only on my customers’ practical needs, but also on the importance of loyalty and attachment to a product.
With this in mind, I vowed to stay in touch with our customers not only when they purchased or needed our services, but also beyond that.

Thanks to GLOBIS, I advanced my career and was able to positively contribute to the growth of my company. I was amazed to see how much more productive and efficient I became after my MBA studies!

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