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A Unique MBA that Shapes Purpose-Driven Leaders

Purpose is a critical driver for growth and organizational relevance in today’s complex business world. Developing a sense of purpose and a personal mission as a leader is essential to effectively drive a team and company toward success.

  • A purpose aligns your work with your deepest values
  • A purpose gives you determination to succeed
  • A purpose acts as a compass in life

As Japan’s No.1 MBA, we aim to develop visionary leaders with a clear and strong life mission, known as kokorozashi in Japanese, to benefit the society at large.

The Pathway to a More Meaningful Career

Build your business fundamental skills and broaden your perspectives. The first stage of the program gives students a solid understanding of the core topics needed to successfully run a business.

Put your learning into practice and expand your horizons with advanced courses. Enhance your leadership skills and test new ideas and concepts through multiple business cases and projects.

Customize your business expertise with elective courses and specialize in the areas of your choice.
  • Learning areas


    • Accounting & Finance
    • Critical & Analytical Skills
    • Management Philosophy
    • Marketing & Strategy
    • Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
    • Technovate


    • Accounting & Finance
    • Critical & Analytical Skills
    • Management Philosophy
    • Marketing & Strategy
    • Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
    • Technovate


    • Creation
    • Innovation
    • Global / Asia / Japan
    • Technovate Special Courses
    • Special Courses & Exchange Programs
Throughout the MBA journey, students explore their personal mission, with various management philosophy courses and personal-development workshops. This reflective path complements each individual’s business learning journey to become a fulfilled leader.
  • Learning areas


    • Corporate Philosophy & Social Values
    • Entrepreneurial Leadership
    • Keiei Dojo
    • Leadership Development, Ethics and Values

    Career & Kokorozashi 1-on-1 Consultations

    Full-time MBA students have the opportunity to benefit from personal consultations with GLOBIS experts to help them find career opportunities that align with their kokorozashi.

    Kokorozashi Sessions

    The GLOBIS President, Dean and other faculty members guide students with concrete theories, concepts and examples in their personal mission development process; from past reflections and exploratory discussions to presenting them to their professors and their peers.

Overview of GLOBIS MBA Programs

Choose the MBA format that most suits your schedule and go through a transformational journey.

Full-time MBA Part-time and Online MBA
Intake September October
Duration 1 Year 2 Years
Classes held on Weekdays Weeknights and weekends
Where Tokyo Tokyo and Online
Tuition 3,845,000 JPY 2,998,000 JPY
  • Nica Magnaye

    “Searching for my life purpose has always been in my mind but the concept was unclear until GLOBIS University helped me in that journey. They guided me on a reflective path to value my existence, capacities and how I can impact society and make meaningful life changes. ”

  • Jose Fernandez

    “GLOBIS University taught me the basics, how to improve and master my skills in order to create my own path. After my MBA studies, I moved to Silicon Valley to pursue my entrepreneurial dream and everytime that I am now confronted with a challenge, what keeps me going is truly my kokorozashi.”

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