Ryoichi Takei

Ryoichi Takei

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Company Name:
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Workers Union Head Offie Branch Secretary General

Why did you want to get an MBA?

Ryoichi sittingI had been interested in getting an MBA due to my experience as a salesperson and wanting to understand business on a deeper level. But even though I researched many business schools both outside and inside Japan, I didn’t have a chance to move forward when I was a salesperson. But after moving to the labor union, I now have more opportunities to think about my company’s management and the dynamics of employees’ motivation. I’ve also recognized the need to learn management from many different angles. So because of my sales experience and the challenges I’m facing in my new role, I felt the time was ripe to get an MBA.

Do you think what you learned is useful for your work?

I think it helps me a lot in many ways. In a labor union, managing the company and motivating the employees are problems we face every day. For example, since I have many chances to see the company’s strategic plans and management information, my courses allow me to clearly understand the broader perspective and the reasons for the actions taken. I would like to brush up my analytical thinking skill to understand the company’s strategies and the external environment more. “Critical Thinking” is also helpful when I communicate with labor union members, who are our customers, and representatives of the members. Although they are experts of their work but not familiar with labor conditions and employment and so forth. I need to communicate with them using clear language. In this case, the courses help me think what I should say to them to help them understand our position. Many other topics I learned in the school help me to manage my team. Since the Secretary General is one of the management roles in the organization, I try to let my team members have active discussions utilizing MBA knowledge. The other day, I brought concepts of “empowerment” and “team management,” which I learned in my Organizational Behavior class. It was really effective, not only for managing other team members but also for collaborating with other members of the organization.

What is your impression of the GLOBIS MBA?

One of the advantages of GLOBIS is the high quality of the content. All the cases are well chosen and are proven to add value for students. Besides that, GLOBIS has a student-friendly system which allows us to take courses while working, and lecturers who are real business people with lots of experience and who give us very practical knowledge. Of course, sometimes I don’t agree with what the lecturer is saying, but this is a good chance to debate the pros and cons of issues, which happens in the real business world. I really appreciate these opportunities to debate.

At present, my classmates and I have a real sense of teamwork among us, and we are forced to tackle problems with members who are from many different backgrounds, which is quite a unique experience. After spending one month not only in class but also in study sessions, we have gotten to know each other’s strengths, weaknesses and personalities. For example, we can assume that a particular person will lead a study session because he has an advantage in accounting, or this person might have a counter argument on this issue. We are gradually finding our roles and taking advantage of each strength offered by all students. I think we are making progress in our learning path and I’m enjoying it very much.

Tell us about your future vision

I have experienced two different worlds, in shipbuilding and a labor union. Both worlds are so intriguing, and I would like to evolve changes in each of these worlds by doing business seeing beyond and helping to reorganize the work-life balance in Japan.

Firstly for business, shipbuilding business in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has long history and high technical capabilities, but it has been very conservative in recent years because of the past recessions in the shipbuilding business. But from now, my company has to make a big decision on its direction aligning with the changing environment. So I would like to attain the ability to do business in order to play an essential role which helps the company tackle these challenges and keep playing a leading role in this industry.

Ryoichi talkingSecondly, I believe the balance between ‘work’ and ‘life’ will be changing in Japan. The current system was made long ago, and was useful for that period, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I think the government, workers and employers have to collaborate to explore a new way of working in Japan. For instance, we can learn from the Netherlands, which now uses a more equitable work-sharing system. I would like to find my role in helping make systems to solve this challenge.

Please give a final message to those who are thinking of applying to the IMBA

Of course, GLOBIS' content, faculty and classmates are good, but I would like to emphasize their other positive qualities, such as their campus, the library and so forth. I think the fact that the learning environment is so well organized will attract many highly-motivated people. Also, I recommend to earn an MBA in English at GLOBIS, because it’s very low-risk compared with going abroad and quitting your job. Anyway, I would encourage everyone considering an MBA not to hesitate and try your best, because the GLOBIS MBA has a solid principle and you won’t regret it.