Student Interviews: So Kikuya

Home country:
Industry Background:
Marketing Consultant, Strategic Marketing Division, Nippon Caterpillar

Tell us about your experience in GLOBIS' MBA program

To describe it in short, it was very busy. Please don’t take “busy” in the negative sense. What I mean is it was surely busy for study but also I had a valuable time spent with lecturers and classmates, whether it was on campus or at bars. 

I was able to make great friends who have similar goals. Also I was able to spend a lot of time thinking about myself, my work goals, and my personal goals. All GLOBIS MBA students have to go through this reflection, but it was the most valuable learning I got outside of class during the two years of my MBA.

How has the GLOBIS MBA helped you in your life and career?

GLOBIS helped me build my confidence and taught me not to be afraid of taking risks. 
Throughout the program, I needed to speak up a lot and discuss with my classmates, and often I needed to present my thoughts and opinions logically -- GLOBIS will teach you how to do this. Over time, this gave me the confidence to take on challenges at work as well. 

In addition, I’ve learned many success and failure stories through reading many cases, learning from lecturers, and meeting with new people. As a result, upon my graduation, I was able to get a new position at work by logically explaining why I wanted to take on the challenge of the position.

What would you like to tell those who are considering studying at GLOBIS?

Don’t join GLOBIS if you think GLOBIS MBA will make you successful because the answer is "it won't." It is only YOU who can make yourself successful. GLOBIS has a great environment that will allow you to expand your capability through the program itself, classmates, and network you’ll encounter. The entrepreneurial spirit shared by faculty, staff, alumni, and current students will push you to move forward to achieve your goals and success. However, you need to commit yourself to be successful because your that's the attitude your classmates will have.

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