Student Interviews: Pimmook Rungkamonphan

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Tell us about your experience in GLOBIS' MBA program.

GLOBIS is different from other business schools. In particular, the different approach to teaching stood out for me. At GLOBIS, you have to speak out and defend your opinion at all times. In the international environment of the English MBA program, I learnt different opinions and ideas from classmates who came from many countries around the world. These interactive class discussions can be quite rare at other, more traditional business schools. 

Another thing that stood out was that courses also support and motivate you to become a good leader.

However, beyond practical business management knowledge and skills, and a strong human network, I also learned about morality and ethics to be come a successful and happy entrepreneur.

How has the GLOBIS MBA helped you in your life/career?

Pimmook Rungkamonphan

Besides knowledge, skills and a mindset, I also learned more about myself. I can see a lot of self-improvement which definitely changed the direction of my life.

Before taking the MBA my personal mission was small, just to be a Brand Manager and eventually own my own business. But now I have a strong desire to help others and contribute something to society -- even if it sounds crazy and dreamy. I have never thrown away my previous dream to become a Brand Manager. After I graduated, I started a small cosmetics trading business and stepped forward into the fashion industry which I love. 

I definitely have applied all the knowledge and skills I learned at GLOBIS and even now I still open my textbooks and handouts to review!


What would you like to tell those who are considering studying at GLOBIS?

If you want more than just an MBA degree, if you want to improve and discover your strengths in order to better apply your MBA knowledge in the future, I would say that "GLOBIS is the best answer for ambitious people."

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