Student Interviews: Yoko Horiuchi

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How was your experience during the GLOBIS MBA?

During my time in the GLOBIS MBA program I constantly met up-to-date business expertise through the faculty, energetic study friends in students, and found how I could realize my mission (kokorozashi).

The first half of my MBA was spent gathering new skills and mindsets, while the second half was more focused on utilizing those to create my business and career plan.

I must admit it was tough for me to read lots of case studies in English, but this was a fundamental part of my learning and led to rewarding debates and discussions with my classmates in each session.

How has the GLOBIS MBA changed your life/career?

The GLOBIS MBA helped me become unafraid of making decisions in my life and career. In many case studies and discussions, I could feel there were no 100% right answers but we had to decide the issues and reach a conclusion somehow.

The "Strategy" course taught me the importance of finding “the way of achieving financial goals,” and in "Operation Strategy" I learned that the process of improving something is “never-ending story.”

Before entering GLOBIS, I had long stuck to the idea of creating an NPO which could allow people with developmental disabilities to work in the community. However, after graduating from the MBA program, I can feel what the most important thing is creating sustainable business organization both financially and socially.

I am still working for a company, but I plan to start my own business in the near future.

What would you like to tell those who are considering studying at GLOBIS?

I would like to recommend taking courses in the Pre-MBA Program first to see if GLOBIS is a match for them. I believe GLOBIS has a much more practical program than any other “academic” MBA school and the best place to incubate your kokorozashi.

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