Student Life

A community united in making a difference

We believe everyone has the potential for self-fulfillment and leadership. That’s why we nurture drive and vision above all else.
The result is a community of diverse students motivated to hone their strengths and turn their passions into reality.

  • Suzette De Leon

    “GLOBIS has a huge, growing community to rely on. I fostered a lot of friendships with other students and alumni. This also led to relationships outside of the GLOBIS study environment–introductions through new friends and club activities like badminton, traveling, etc.”

  • Daniel Moraru

    “GLOBIS’s environment is truly diverse. I’ll always remember my classmates’ field trips to my city of Hamamatsu. There was such openness and friendship between all of us–people from Japan, Romania, Germany, the UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, China, the Philippines, and many other countries.”

  • Sai Lwin

    “GLOBIS offers ample networking opportunities. I joined several GLOBIS clubs to mingle with classmates and students from other cohorts. For the Southeast Asian Business Club, I participated as a speaker representing Myanmar. These clubs were networking gems for me despite the hectic assignments. ”

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