Life in Tokyo

Welcome to Tokyo: An ever-evolving city

GLOBIS is located in central Tokyo, Japan’s buzzing economic center and a global business hub.


Tokyo is home to the world’s largest metropolitan economy and numerous blue-chip companies. Matched with a bustling start-up scene, Tokyo is a leader in design, fashion, architecture, engineering, technology, finance, and more.


Immerse yourself in this global city of wonder and endless possibilities!

Facts about Tokyo


Tokyo holds the status of most populous metropolitan area in the world–a fact you’ll feel first hand as you walk the bustling streets.

Enjoy traditional arts such as sumo matches and kabuki performances or explore cutting-edge galleries, vibrant fashion culture, and underground music scenes.


Tokyo offers endless entertainment.

A foodie paradise, Tokyo has boasted the most Michelin-star restaurants of any city worldwide for decades. From cheap eats to fusion foods, the options are always expanding.

If you’re a nature lover, Tokyo is also full of green spaces. The sprawling Inokashira Park dates back to the Edo period, while Meiji Shrine provides a serene, 70-hectare forest adjacent to the pop culture hub of Harajuku. You’ll find that Tokyo is a very walkable city. The best way to explore neighborhood restaurants, stores, and cafés is often by foot.

  • Japan MBA Experience

    The Japan MBA experience is a one week, for-credit program that allows our international MBA students to discover Tokyo and Japanese culture. Regardless of whether you’re studying online or on campus, this is an incredible opportunity to mingle with the GLOBIS community and explore the endless possibilities of a dynamic city through class sessions, company visits, and cultural excursions.

  • Adisara Puangchompoo

    “In the Japan MBA Experience Program (JMEx), we talked about the KIBOW Foundation and got exposed to all the networks within GLOBIS. It blew my mind. I realized how deep and broad this network is, and I was really grateful to be part of it.”