Eunmi Kim

  • South Korea
Program year:
  • 2016
  • Japan
  • Manager, TKM Program Management, Applied Materials

What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

“I came to Japan as an expat back in 2014. While working for my previous company, I was seeking opportunities for personal development and discovered GLOBIS. I attended one of the trial classes at the Tokyo Campus, and I remember feeling very strong, positive energy from the session, as well as from the students who were studying in the lounge.

I felt, “This is the community that I want to belong to.” The environment and atmosphere seemed like just what I needed to get the motivation for an MBA program. And that gut feeling was correct.”

What did you like most about the GLOBIS MBA?

“The best part of the GLOBIS experience was the practical learning in each class from well-experienced lecturers, as well as from classmates from many different industries.

I loved my 2016 Part-time & Online MBA cohort. We had our own slogan to support each other: “Group together, grow together, and graduate together!” We called it “3G,” which made us “3Gers.” Supporting each other under the enthusiastic atmosphere of GLOBIS was my favorite part of the program. It helped me enjoy life as an MBA student.”

How did GLOBIS help you achieve personal and professional changes?

The GLOBIS MBA gave me a combination of critical thinking, a holistic view of business, great communication skills, and leadership. It was the best combination of business acumen for use in any business situation. On top of that, through the MBA program, I made a habit of seeking opportunities to develop myself. After GLOBIS I got a Project Management Professional Certificate (PMP), and now I am studying to get another professional certification.

Which were your favorite courses?

Entrepreneurial Leadership was one of my favorite courses. It gave me an opportunity to look deep inside myself and develop my personal mission, which is to bridge global gaps in any company I work for to help people perform better.