Juan Carlos Avila Caceres

  • Honduras
Program year:
  • 2019
  • Japan
  • Offshore Wind Project Engineer, Shimizu Corporation

What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

I had studied for a master’s in engineering, but I felt I needed to complement my engineering proficiency with more business-related skills.

Why did you choose GLOBIS among other business schools?

“GLOBIS was the right choice for me for several reasons.

First, I wanted to study, live, and work in Japan. I had just spent two years receiving my master’s degree in engineering in Taiwan, and I didn’t want to be out of the job market any longer than I had to be. GLOBIS offered a one-year degree, which suited my time frame perfectly.

Additionally, after two years of lectures, I wanted to experience a more hands-on learning environment with a diverse student body. I attended a GLOBIS trial class, which demonstrated a focus on case study discussion and diverse perspectives. That was ideal.

The faculty at GLOBIS are all distinguished businesspeople, not just academics. They have real-world experience to bridge the gap between theory and application.

Tokyo is a major world capital and one of the main business hubs of Asia. Studying there opens doors to unique networking activities. GLOBIS is in the center of Tokyo, and students benefit from that rich environment both on and off campus. “

How did your experience at GLOBIS help you after graduation?

“After graduation, with the help of the GLOBIS Career Services team, I landed an interview with Shimizu Corporation, which eventually gave me an offer. Six months later, I joined another construction company, Kajima Corporation, and worked for one year on the first commercial offshore wind farm project in Akita Prefecture.

In both cases, the fact that I graduated from a Japanese university, especially GLOBIS, raised the interest of both companies in my candidacy.

After Shimizu and Kajima, I applied for a finance officer role at Strive Engineering, an American company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. By then, my engineering background plus finance and managerial accounting skills were so attractive that I received an offer from the company’s CEO. “

What kind of community-building and networking activities did you join during the program?

“I joined everything I could:
– The Buddy System
– GLOBIS clubs like Nihongo Education Studies and a book club
– Networking events at the university, as well as others run by GLOBIS alumni
– Several social networks, such as Social Innovation Japan on Facebook and Business in Japan on Linkedin
– Job fairs and similar events at other universities”