Kengo Takeuchi

  • Japan
Program year:
  • 2019
  • Japan
  • Sales Head and Business Development, FLOSFIA Inc

What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

“A frustrating business experience brought me to the GLOBIS MBA.

I had just gotten promoted to regional sales and marketing head at an international semiconductor company, and I was excited to attend the global leaders meeting at HQ. But the experience was disappointing. I found myself unable to contribute to most of the business discussions about corporate strategy, finance, accounting, organizational processes, etc. I realized that my skills and experiences covered only limited areas of sales and marketing.

This experience was powerful enough to make me realize that I must obtain broader expertise. So I began to consider getting an MBA.

There were mainly three criteria for my MBA selection. First, I was looking for an environment where I could study business in English while continuing to work in Japan. I was also looking for a flexible program with online classes because I traveled extensively for work. And finally, I wanted interactive discussions in small groups, rather than one-sided lectures.

GLOBIS met all of these criteria, and I am proud I made the right choice.”

How did your career progress after graduating from GLOBIS?

“GLOBIS helped me find a career path I’d never imagined. My mid-career target had always been “”domestic head of a large international company by age 45,”” and I was on track for that. However, classes like Leadership Development, Ethics, and Values, as well as my classmates, made me think about my personal mission. I was on the fast track to a great salary, but I realized I wanted to contribute to my industry in a different way. Thanks to GLOBIS, I started a new career as a corporate strategy and business development specialist.

All my learning at GLOBIS on strategy, finance, accounting, organizational behavior, and human resource management has helped me to tackle this challenging position. A couple of months ago, I became the sales head, and I am now ready to launch a new business. “

How did GLOBIS help you achieve personal and professional changes?

“GLOBIS had a lot of positive impact on me.

Most importantly, I’ve developed a risk-taking mindset. GLOBIS classes, faculty, classmates, and moments like the ASKA Conference inspired me greatly. If I had not gotten my MBA at GLOBIS, I would not be working in a startup today.

The second benefit was my sense of process design. My time at GLOBIS was extraordinarily busy. I had my work, my personal life, and my MBA studies, and I was committed to getting things done without excuses. I learned to focus on efficiency, which has proven advantageous for my career since.

Finally, GLOBIS helped me embrace new things. Before my MBA, I was hesitant, saying “”No experience, no expertise.”” But facing something new every day at GLOBIS helped me rethink that to “New experience, new expertise.” That diversified my career experience.”

How did you network with the GLOBIS community?

“One of the treasures of my GLOBIS life is the wide human network.

I entered both an international, diverse community and a large, highly motivated Japanese community across industries.

I regularly organized study sessions and online social gatherings among the English MBA community, which significantly deepened my study and inspired others.

I also enjoyed bridging the English and Japanese MBA programs. Both programs are amazing, so I wanted to see more collaboration. I founded the ONE GLOBIS Networking community to enhance communication. The club has grown steadily, currently counting over 600 members.

Even after graduation, I started community activities. Some are more related to my professional career, while others are fun activity clubs like the GLOBIS English Hiking Circle. “