Kenji Kawamura

  • Japan
Program year:
  • 2018
  • Japan
  • Data Analytics Manager in the pharmaceutical industry

What made you decide to pursue the GLOBIS MBA?

“I have worked as a data analyst in several companies for more than 10 years. During that time, I sometimes felt that my analysis did not link to solving business issues, or that I was not communicating well with other departments. I wanted to acquire broader business knowledge and apply analytical skills to business, so I decided to pursue an MBA.

I researched several English MBA schools in Japan because I wanted to study in a diverse environment. After attending several events, I’d gathered the information to determine which school was the best for me. The GLOBIS Part-time & Online MBA was the best choice because of its practical subjects and flexible learning style.”

What made you decide to start with the Pre-MBA?

“The benefit of starting with the Pre-MBA is that you can start learning immediately with the specific knowledge you need. In my case, that was marketing. From there, you can decide whether to join a full MBA program.

Another benefit of the GLOBIS Pre-MBA is that it helps you prepare for the full MBA workload later on. I only took one Pre-MBA class, so after I entered the full program, I had to take three classes per semester. That was tough. I sometimes did not have enough time to prepare for assignments. Taking several Pre-MBA classes beforehand is a great idea because you can take your time, and that enhances the quality of your learning experience later.”

What can you tell us about the other students in the program?

“GLOBIS’s Part-time & Online MBA courses were the most diverse environment I’ve ever experienced. Taking classes with people from other countries was very exciting.

Since I took most of my classes online, I rarely had the opportunity to meet my classmates in person. However, I still gained many new perspectives. For example, I learned that logical thinking and a broader vision are more important than speaking English fluently.

Those lessons were sometimes more valuable than the content of the classes.”

How did GLOBIS help you achieve professional and personal changes?

“Since studying at GLOBIS, my work has become more interesting. Before entering the MBA program, I only studied technical knowledge and had no interest in other business fields such as marketing, human resources, or accounting.

But now, after taking GLOBIS MBA courses, I know that there is science behind all business activities, and people are trying to improve that science in innovative ways. I find that very exciting.”