Kenro Tanaka

  • Japan
Program year:
  • 2017
  • Japan
  • Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Blue innovation Co., Ltd.

What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

“In my late 20s and early 30s, while working as an overseas business planning manager for a Japanese electronics company, I started to think about entrepreneurship. I wanted to be the head of a company and create value on a global scale. So I decided to pursue an MBA in English.

I initially tried to apply to MBA schools in the United States, but they required much more time and money than I had to spend. Then I found GLOBIS’s Part-time & Online English MBA. I thought, “This is it!”GLOBIS also attracted me because it offers Harvard-style case study classes and specializes in venture business education. At GLOBIS, I knew that I could master hands-on value creation, not just “get an MBA.””

How did your experience at GLOBIS help you after graduation?

“After graduating from GLOBIS, I moved to my current company, Blue innovation. We’re a system platform provider for drones and robotics in Japan. I had no title when I joined the company, but was appointed head of the Corporate Strategy Dept. within three months. I also served as head of the Sales Dept. Two years later, I reached the executive level as CSO. Currently, I am a Managing Director, COO, and CSO, overseeing a wide range of business domains in the company.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be here today without what I learned at GLOBIS. Especially in venture companies like mine, unexpected challenges happen every day. Logical decision-making, leadership communication, and strategic thinking are required. Thanks to learning all the basics at GLOBIS, I could survive and stretch myself to my current position.”

What were your favorite courses?

“I loved all the strategy-related courses. On top of them, the finance classes strengthened my strategic thinking.

Numbers are very logical. In finance, the value of a business is explained in numbers. I thought this approach could be applicable to any business strategy. Honestly, I was not good at numbers (not to mention, I was studying finance in English, which is not my native language). But over time, I gained confidence and got an A.

Entrepreneurial Leadership was one of my most memorable courses. It gave me the opportunity to think deeply about the meaning of my life and career–not only what I wanted to do, but also about why I was born and how I came to this point in my life. That is very unique to GLOBIS, which puts importance on students’ kokorozashi (personal mission).”

What is your advice for people considering an MBA?

“The GLOBIS MBA is very practical, so it will definitely enhance your knowledge, skills, and thinking for business and beyond. There are also exciting group discussions with highly motivated classmates and plentiful seminars with prestigious speakers for inspiration.

I would recommend GLOBIS to anyone, but please take time to analyze other MBA schools. You should study at the school you want to attend the most. I am very glad about my choice of GLOBIS. It has given me more return than investment in many ways.”