Makoto Sakamaki

  • Japan
Program year:
  • 2022
  • Japan
  • General Manager, Liqueur/Spirits Integrated Innovation Department, Suntory
What made you decide to join the Pre-MBA at GLOBIS?

“At first, I wanted to improve my English speaking skills. I figured that if I wanted to expand my career opportunities and get more involved in projects with international clients, I had to brush up my business communication in English.

At that time, I was not sure whether I could understand the class or not, but I ended up enjoying it. After that, I decided to take more classes.”

What made you decide to pursue an MBA?

I wanted to improve my business skills and English communication, but I also wanted to expand my perspective through MBA courses. An important part of that was building a strong network with classmates who were on the same career-learning journey I was. So I decided to get my MBA, and it has not disappointed at all. Everyone–my fellow students, the lecturers–makes me feel inspired and motivated.

Which classes do you enjoy the most?

“The Critical Thinking and Strategy classes are especially helpful for me. I am currently in charge of branding strategy, so I can directly connect what I learn in those courses with my responsibilities. In particular, I believe critical thinking is a necessary skill for every businessperson, so I am recommending the course to my team members, too.

Organizational Behavior and Leadership is another course that I liked. It’s beneficial for finding my leadership style.”

Have you experienced any difficulties during the MBA program?

The GLOBIS MBA is pretty intensive, and I’m studying in my non-native language, so there are some challenges. When I encounter difficulties, I ask the lecturers questions in and out of class, seek help from my classmates, or join a study session. My classmates are always there to support me, and it helps a lot!