Myra Almilla

  • Philippines
Program year:
  • 2020
  • Japan
  • Civil Engineer

What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

“I was really interested in having my own business, but I was not sure where or how to start. So I decided to get an MBA.

I found the GLOBIS MBA website very well organized and easy to understand. As a foreigner in Japan, I had a hard time understanding other universities’ entrance processes and requirements.

Also, GLOBIS was highly recommended by some of my friends.”

What was your favorite course at GLOBIS?

“The Corporate Mentorship Program (CMP) and Entrepreneurship Without Borders were very interesting because they taught us how to put the knowledge of other courses into practice.

For CMP, I acted as CEO of my group. We competed with other groups to make a business plan for SOMIC, the corporate partner during my course.

After months of hard work, we were declared the winner and were given a chance to visit Hamamatsu to present our plan in front of SOMIC’s management team. This was really exciting, and I would say all the GLOBIS courses gave us the ingredients for our success.”