Noriko Ejima

  • Japan
Program year:
  • 2017
  • Japan
  • IT industry

What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

“I had several reasons for wanting to pursue an MBA. Firstly, I wanted to improve my skills and knowledge to achieve my business goals more effectively. Secondly, I wanted to better understand cultural differences for effective communication within a global team. And lastly, I wanted to find and improve upon my strengths, thereby achieving my life and career goals.

I knew GLOBIS had great lecturers with business experience on the ground. To me, that meant practical classes and content that could be applied right away. In addition, there were options to learn both online and offline, including at night and on weekends, so it was convenient for my schedule.”

What were your favorite memories as a student?

It is hard to choose a favorite memory, but if I were to name one, it was the process of learning and discussing course content with my classmates and improving upon answers together. At GLOBIS, each class was an excellent opportunity for trial and error, learning from each other, and sharing different ways to approach issues.

How did GLOBIS help you achieve personal and professional changes?

“Before joining GLOBIS, I was not a good negotiator. However, my negotiation skills improved dramatically thanks to my MBA studies. My presentation skills also improved, allowing me to show my effort and results effectively. Both negotiation and presentation skills are critical for global business, and I’m proud that I can now use those skills with confidence.

When I graduated from GLOBIS, I was a channel marketer at Microsoft, cultivating consumers and evangelists in partner companies. As the Japan lead of this global project, I needed to frequently negotiate our budget with the global team to achieve our sales targets. Negotiation is not only about logic. It also requires passion and understanding.

In the end, I was able to complete the project successfully. I even received an award from the global team for strategy creation, which encouraged sales growth and deployed new brand activities for Japanese retail stores.”

What is your next career goal?

“This year, I am starting my own company, which provides tour coordinators and local guides in Tokyo for business travelers.

The goal is to support intercultural communication in our customers’ organizations by providing experiences with culture and nature. People in Japanese companies often struggle to communicate with international staff. I hope that this experience gives them the opportunity to bridge that gap.

In addition, my business aims to create tour guide opportunities for people in Japan after retirement. Nowadays, in the “era of 100-year lifetimes,” some people are looking for jobs where they can leverage their global experience after leaving their primary career.”

What is your advice for potential applicants considering an MBA?

I think GLOBIS is one of the best options to transform your career and life for the better. I not only learned practical business frameworks, but also explored my life’s goal and vision (kokorozashi) through discussions with ambitious classmates and great faculty. If you want to move your life forward, I definitely recommend the GLOBIS MBA.