Swe Nwe Ni

  • Myanmar
Program year:
  • 2018
  • Japan
  • Business development department for renewable energy business at one of the top multinational engineering companies in Japan

What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

“I believe my country, Myanmar, has a lot of potential. So to help enhance that potential with new skills and an overseas network, I decided to upgrade my engineering degree with an MBA.

I was also very impressed by GLOBIS lecturers and their on-the-ground experience in a wide array of industries. They had the expertise to help me connect academic learning with the practical world.

But the main differentiating factor of GLOBIS is the opportunity to find my own personal mission. It gives my life meaning and wakes me up every morning. It drives me forward in hard times.”

How was the GLOBIS internship experience?

“I was both nervous and excited about my internship. My Japanese proficiency is low, and it was my first time working in the corporate world. In addition, I’d heard some negative things about the strict, stressful working life in Japan. But my experience was totally the opposite.

I had a wonderful internship experience. All of my colleagues welcomed me warmly and were always happy to provide support. I also received wonderful guidance from my GLOBIS mentor.

In the end, the experience was positive on both sides. The company I interned for hired me, and I still work there today.”

How did GLOBIS career support help you find a job in Japan?

“After consulting with the GLOBIS Career Services team, I chose my preferred internship placement. The company, which I now work at full time, aligned with my passion and strengths, and I think that’s very important.

Getting guidance and support from a university like GLOBIS helped me make the right career decisions.”

What did you like the most about the GLOBIS MBA experience?

Joining the GLOBIS MBA put me in an exciting and challenging environment every single day. I am a shy person with an engineering background, so it really took me a few months to get out of my comfort zone. But once I did that, I really enjoyed the GLOBIS MBA.