Technovate: Business Skills for the Future 

The Digital Era - a time when technology is advancing and integrating into our lives more rapidly than ever before. In order for businesses to survive and succeed, it is important to leverage technology and innovation - or as we call it, Technovate.


Technovate is ...something you can learn. It’s a paradigm change in the way of thinking, ...a universal methodology which anyone can learn or apply.

- GLOBIS University President Yoshito Hori

At GLOBIS we are committed to equipping leaders with a world-class business education and with Technovate courses, bridge technology and management to prepare them for the Digital Era.

Our Technovate Curriculum

How prepared are you for the Technovate Era? Our Technovate courses will teach you strategies and frameworks utilized by the world's most innovative organizations who continue to dominate their industries by leveraging technology. These courses are regularly updated to keep pace with the constantly changing marketplace to make sure you are ready to face whatever digital obstacles come your way.

Although Technovate courses are part of the MBA program, we occasionally offer one of our foundation courses as an individual course in of our Pre-MBA (à la carte courses) curriculum. This allows you to try out the course without enrolling in an MBA program.

Current Technovate Course:

Industry 4.0 

  • Lecturer: Jorge Calvo
  • Course Schedule: (Days 1-6): 4/3, 4/17, 5/8, 5/22
  • Format: Online
  • Tuition: 101,000 yen
 All Technovate Courses

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