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GLOBIS Unlimited is a business microlearning platform that combines the power of technology with the teaching experience of GLOBIS University, Japan's No. 1 MBA, to offer quality online business education accessible to anyone, anywhere.

The service offers a comprehensive catalog of topics, from time-tested business essentials to modern innovations in technology and entrepreneurship. Courses embody the practicality that GLOBIS University is known for, now with a microlearning approach that fits seamlessly into even the busiest schedule.



Master one learning objective at a time thanks to simple breakdowns of business concepts


Study in quick, 3-10 minute sessions


Get what you actually need: scenarios tailored to business, real life examples, crucial frameworks

Provided by GLOBIS University, Japan's No. 1 MBA

Founded in 1992, GLOBIS’ mission is to pave the way for change and innovation by connecting people, capital and knowledge. Recognized as the largest MBA provider in Japan, GLOBIS University has educated over 6,000 students since 2006 through its English and Japanese MBA programs offered in different formats.

Across 6 campuses in Japan and an Asia Campus in Singapore, GLOBIS has designed a unique approach to learning with specific Asian and Japanese perspectives on business to thrive in the East.

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