Corporate Training

GLOBIS provides training programs in English, Chinese, and Japanese to develop a wide range of next-generation global leaders, executives, management and staff members to excel as global human resources.

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In addition to corporate training, we also offer a wide range of programs, including open programs and digital products, to provide the best fit for each company. The training can be held at your company's preferred location in Japan or abroad, online or offline.

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Corporate training

Customized Programs

Standard Programs

- Programs that nurture management skills and mindset

Open program



-Join individual MBA courses that develop core management skills


GLOBIS Unlimited

-A subscription microlearning service for learning fundamental business knowledge

The following examples are among the typical themes we combine when designing corporate education trainings. Different levels of customization are offered based on the client’s requirements and business challenges.

Business Skills

-Critical Thinking

-Marketing / Strategy

-Accounting / Finance


-Human Resource Management

-Leadership Behavior

-Leadership and Organizational Development


-Cross Cultural Management

-Global Perspectives

-Leading Global Virtual Teams

Corporate Philosophy

- Dissemination of Corporate Philosophy

- Kokorozashi(Personal Mission)Development

Action Learning

-Business Strategy Planning

-New Business Creation

-Organizational Change

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